Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Prayers and pancakes.

Yesterday, was a Memorial Mass for Matka that some of the SFamily were able to attend.

Matka's dear sister, and her loving niece came to the Mass, even though it was a busy work time for my SCousin. SSister#1, her SHusband, SBrother#1, his SWife, Me, and my SHusband were there. SB#2 had a work commitment, I know he wanted to be there.

This Mass was requested by the Pastor of her Church, and we were all very surprised when he did not walk onto the alter. An alternate priest was there-I was disappointed and mentioned to SH that is it too bad that someone that knew Matka was not saying the Mass. I knew there was a funeral Mass to follow, so I assumed that the alternate Priest was going to say this Mass, and the Pastor the funeral Mass. Then, the new priest said that due to a need to focus on healing from his health problems, the Pastor was no longer there, and will be reassigned somewhere else after his health improves. We were not surprised, he has been on dialysis, and has had many problems with his legs and feet. We wish him well, but I was thinking, that if Matka had been at that Mass on the weekend when they announced the change, she would have been sad, and she would have been calling us all to tell us the news because she really liked him. And he was very good to the family when we were arranging her funeral Mass.

After the mass yesterday, memorial candles were lit by all, starting with SH.
It does not get any easier with time, time only moves the hands on the clock, it does not move the pain out of your very being....

SAunt and SCousin were not able to go to breakfast with us, maybe next time.

We went to Bob Evans, talking the cute little waitress into giving us a carafe of coffee-apparently, this is a non-policy, so the manager had to approve it??

We so enjoyed the time we spent together. Funny stories were told by SB#1 about the jobs he did recently at his son and daughter-in-law's new home . And since SBIL#1 has done that many times, at many homes for his family, he was commiserating (that word is so perfect, especially if you lean forward, rock a little bit and draw out the second syllable).

Then we discussed how the new electronic devices are being programmed to drive us crazy. Imagine a digital camera with a symbol of a camera-not meaning press here to take a picture! We laughed at the stupidity of the manufacturers.

At least we think that is what we were laughing at.

SS#1 had some nice pictures that she "pulled up" and shared with us on her camera.

Too bad the digital cameras don't have a feature for you to project the picture on a nearby wall so that all could see it larger. Hey, if you who are reading this blog develop this idea-I get 25cents for that idea, or just a cup of coffee from Timmy Ho's will do fine.

We missed those who were not there, and are planning on getting together often-and we mean business, the annual Soup party is here in March. Matka loved spending time with her family, heck, she loved spending time with anyone's family, so in her honor and memory, we will be sure to do that also.
Here she is with her older brother and younger/only sister, and their smiles tell it all.

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