Friday, February 4, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action..

Lights, Camera, Action....Ruby has arrived, and baby, I am beautiful!

February 1st was a good day for peeking out!

Here I am on 2.2.11
Opening Day, I am so proud to show you my hard work. I drank in wasser (pronounced vahsaah, can't they just say water? why is this house filled with broken Italian and German words? Very hard for someone new to adapt to I think?) soaked in the sun, and it felt good, nothing like a shot of photosynthesis to start your day. There was much of: Turned my self around (hey, that could be a nice lyric for a song, "turn yourself around, that's what's it all about", um, I think I will have to work on that) she always talked to me and said it was to keep me on the straight and narrow-although sometimes she turned me more than once in the same day-like that's kid's ride called the WHIP, there you were sitting nicely, and wham, around you go. Well, it did work, so thank you lady.

And here I am on my one month Birthday, how nice of her to put up that little tribute for me. She loves me, she really loves me!

Did you notice that I have moved? No more sun for me now. And this move was no-packing required, hey you need to travel light if you want to go places-you don't want to be charged for having heavy suitcases I always say.

And here I am today, a triumphant trifecta of beauty.

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