Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kind thoughts

I received this card at my SSon's Birthday lunch. It was from my SSister#1, and the words celebrated my role as SS's mom.
I can not tell you how much those words meant to me.

Every mother has struggles until they figure out what they should do, and I was no different. And honestly, the learning curve continues.
The beautiful inlaid Jewelry box next to the card was also part of the gift. It was purchased at a store called Ten Thousand Villages. A fair trade store featuring items from artisans around the world. The items range from wonderful jewelry, house and garden dishes and decorations, to children's games and musical instruments. They have stores all over, so you can do a store locator in google after you enter the store name. "My" store is:
Inside the box, you might recognize the beautiful feather bracelet that SS bought for me while shopping with SS#1 at Christmas.
Surrounding it are my special knick knacks, gifts all. The box the card and jewelry box are sitting on was a tea box given to Matka that I now use as a jewelry box.
Sometimes we wonder if we should say something to someone, and we might hesitate, thinking that surely, they already know how we feel. I am hoping that I do not hesitate now, knowing how those special words from someone who cares about me took the time to phrase so beautifully. Thank you cara sorella.

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