Sunday, January 1, 2012

A big fat lie for the New Year!

Can you see the writing on this decoration?  It says "Let it Snow". This picture is a big fat lie for the New Year of 2012.  Yes, it is cute, but no, not one person in this humble abode want snow! Not a flake, not a Lake Effect Snow, notta nothing. This guy, SSon has to do the snow blowing and shoveling and throwing ice melter thingys. SHusband and I have to drive in the stuff, and as the wonderful saying goes "been there, done that".
But, I am not totally heartless, it would be okay if it snowed at all the ski resorts, outdoor festivals, and where ever little tykes like to play in the snow-but please, respect my boundaries, snow on the streets, driveways or roofs is not permissible.  Thank you for your participation in advance.
I have the most wonderful family.  I was ordered to do nothing for a week because of an aggravation to my back. "Nothing" can be interpreted many ways, so in order that their message was clear it had these words following the word NO: standing, stairs, carrying, bending, stretching, pulling, pushing, lifting. Then to top it off, they gave me Prednisone, which of course reeves you up, so it makes you want to do all those things that they said no to. Conundrum or what?  Well, I tried doing just a bit, bending over to pick a book to read-yikes, were they right!  Now I am a good patient because I want this to be better.
My SFriend brought me soup and she did not even know I had messed up my back! Talk about ESP. SDaughter drove me to the doctor appointment, then did errands.
The next day she brought in reinforcements, her SFIANCE (I love saying that), my SGrandson, groceries to cook a bizillion meals, and they even did the dishes that they used, took out the garbage, got the mail, more errands in town that I thought for sure I would be able to do, and gave us so much kindness. SS was driven by SD to the hospital to visit their father, he is still struggling with his health.
SHusband has been doing ALL THE DISHES since Tuesday when this thing reared it's ugly head non-stop. And he even made our bed.  What a keeper!

Now,  here is our first time together SReaders for our blessing of another year, 2012.  I am not in step with those who think that calendars from a extinct culture is telling us that all is over in 2012. It will be over when it happens, and we can not live for today fully if we have one eye trained on the calendar.

So listen, Today I planted our Amaryllis.  I am not telling you what color she will be, but we have named her "Marilla".  We live in the town of Marilla, it almost, kinda, maybe rhymes with Amaryllis, so SH immediately blurted it out, and when something is perfect, you just don't mess with it.
Here she is in front with her neighbors, they all welcomed her warmly. 

My only concern is that she had already started to grow when I took her out of the box.  We shall see if this matters.

OK, next topic  is the most important one.  Many dear friends and family members are really facing difficult medical conditions right now, I ask you to please take the time to read this, it was sent by a SFriend, and it struck me as being important writing.
Father, I ask You to  bless my friends, relatives and email buddies reading this right now.  Show them a new revelation of your love  and power.  Holy Spirit, I ask You to minister to their spirit this very moment. Where there is pain, give them Your peace and mercy. Where there is self doubt, release a renewed confidence through
Your grace, In Jesus precious name. Amen. 
Thank you for your kindness in reading my blog.
Here is your reward, click here:Angel Standing By, Jewel singing