Saturday, April 30, 2011

As promised......

As promised, here is the next step in the "Grand Opening" process for our Magnolia bush:

There are two yellow goldfinches in the middle-the one in the front is definitely male, can not tell about the one behind him.   There is also a purple house finch on the bottom of the photo, and a
 "Not sure what it is" bird in the left side of the photo. 
Can you see how pretty the colors will be when the buds are open?  We lost almost 10 buds in the recent storm, just laying on the ground after the high winds here-even our heavy outdoor chairs were picked up and tossed around .  It was chilly here today (40ish), so not enough warm sun to make them want to shed their nice warm outer blanket-maybe tomorrow eh?

Friday, April 29, 2011


Camilla here all,
Yes, thank you, thank you, I am beautiful today.

I thought I would show you some family photographs of today's soiree:

As you all know, Kate changed her mind and went with a very simple, plain actually, little dress:

And Willy and his Papa and brother Harry dressed all similar-my man of course stands tall in the group:

Here is a group shot that I aligned:

And in the bright yellow is the Queen Mum:

Must take a rest now, my back is bent from having to curtsy....I always say better late than never.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lucky Me!

Today, I am the Happiest girl in the whole USA! And Donna Fargo wrote this song just for me!

I especially like the ending part "shine on me sunshine, skip with me world". And the man who introduces her, very precisely states her name-I like accuracy.

I slept until 8am-rare of rarest , I am sure if I had gone right to sleep last night that I would have been up earlier, so this just averages out.

For Christmas, my SDaughter and her family bought me an extravagant gift-a spa pedicure. I was waiting until I was SURE that there would be no more snow, and that my shoes would be of the summer flavor. When the temp went to 80 degrees this week, I knew it was time to make the appointment. And they were able to take me today! Life is good.

The place is called Blue Spa

Click on "photo gallery" on their website, and see how beautiful it is there. Someone with a great "eye" planned and decorated it.

I started taking pictures as soon as I walked in so that I could share it with you.
See me taking the picture behind the lovely blue stone?

It is a beautifully decorated, serene place, with touches of striking blue everywhere.

A lovely young woman named Stephanie took care of me, and I will be sure to ask for her when I return. She was very polite, serene, did her job well, not distracted by other people or things. Could carry on a conversation without being intrusive. Not once did she have to jump up and answer the phone or leave me just soaking.

Here I am in BLUE water, percolating to start.

Here I am after a wonderful massage of the legs and feet, she knows her stuff, my color is PAMPLONA PURPLE/OPI. I also bought a bottle for touch ups in between pedicures. It is a new deep color.

Do not make fun of my feet, I will have you know that a longer 2nd toe is a sign of royalty!

And did you see my new flip flops from Kohls? I had them waiting in a bag just for this special time.

When she was finished with me, I placed my feet into a foot nail dryer-so cool-I wish I invented it. Then she sprayed me with something to help harden the color, and I dried again. When I was done, she took me for a tour, and OMG, they have a relaxation room for people to sit in before their massages to set the mood-fireplace, wall waterfall, comfy furniture, soothing music, you name it, and it was just dark enough. A large styling area was so beautifully decorated that it would be hard to imagine not loving your "do" when you were done. They had COUPLES massage rooms, and about 15 other treatment rooms. They also had a neat room for a party, tall tables and chairs where you could have lunch, like for a bridal party or any occasion-heck make one up to go there.

The blue and green glass subway style tiles were above the sinks, and they had all kinds of things to drink, I had water-in a beautiful blue glass.

Just before I left, I took these pictures in the ladies room of their wall art:

After this calming 90 minutes, I took the car for an extensive deep interior cleaning, trying to wash winter away from the place where I spend so much time-looked great, but I did end up with a wet coolou because the plastic that they use to cover the newly shampooed seats shimmied away as soon as you sat down. So, there I was, my newly highlighted hair again, my pedicure looks marvelous, in a spanking clean car, and my pants were wet! Talk about a mood killer, a good thing that I was going straight home.

When I got home, SHusband greeted me at the door, and SCat Boo Boo Marie slipped out and eat a little grass and then came back in. It was really funny, about 10 minutes later she burped! I did not know cats could do that, but it was nice to share a laugh with SH.

AND, supper was leftovers-how great can this day be!

Well, if I happen to get a last minute invite to tomorrow's big affair in England, my feet, hair and car will be beautiful, and my coolou should even be dry by then. I will stay close to the phone, who knows, maybe my long 2nd toe will have some pull?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Look at what is coming!!!!

These past two days of beautiful, warm weather have started the process for our Magnolia Bush.

The bud at the top of the page shows such rich pink color-stay tuned my friends, I will share it live at it happens-and you don't have to get up at 4am to watch it!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seen in Western New York today....

Here is what I saw in Western New York (WNY) today:

* 80 degrees on the home digital-ever-so-reliable thermometer

* someone picking up hundreds of Easter eggs on their front lawn-that would be me. I will be reminded of this task tonight when I try to sleep, but my back and joints will be screaming "Stopida Faca Questa".

*a lady in a strapless, super short swimsuit coverup thingy, sitting in the sun, trying for some color, warmth and vitamin D-that would not be ME~!

*someone cutting their grass-not me, no way

*someone wearing sandals-that would be me, which reminds me now that sandals are official, I need to make my appointment for my first pedicure of the summer-thanks to my Christmas gift certificate from SDaughter and her family

*someone driving with their convertible top down, it was not anyone I knew, but I wonder if SD's SSig-other put his convertible top down on his PT CRUISER, sorry, did not mean to shout, but I love that car

*someone putting on a muscle shirt after their shower-that would be SSon, and he tried on a new Sabres bathing suit-can you see him smiling?
(All the pictures taken with my cell have this crappy orange hue since Sunday-I must have touched a wrong setting-sorry)

* a cat sitting in the window, one of many that were open today-that would be Boo-Boo Marie

*someone packing away their Easter decorations, and then of course finding two more that were hiding in plain site, then realizing that there are eggs and an Easter bonnet to be taken away on Leona-that would be me

*someone seeing the sweet face of their SDaughter at our lunch date-that would be lucky me

*someone going back out to plant bulbs and seeds that were purchased and plants that were dug up in the rain at Matka's house yesterday-she told me many times to take some, but I always said some other day-that day was here-that would be me, and thank goodness I had some beautiful new soil to cover it all with. God is going to water them for me tonight, and the next 4 days if the weather forecast is correct

* many people walking and walking dogs and pushing strollers

*someone enjoying a nap near an open window, very content-that would be SHusband

*someone putting out summer wicker chairs and hoses-that would be SS

*someone getting bitten by an insect already on first nice day-that would be SFriend

*someone seeing so many people walking around in tees and shorts, and then buying the summer supply of Sahlen Hot Dogs-3 lbs for the freezer, when they went grocery shopping after supper-that would be me

*someone going to buy edging for newly improved flower beds so that they don't get trampled on while trying to push out of the ground-that would be me

*someone enjoying a wonderful day-it all gets you in a better mood if the weather is good-all full of anticipation for the next season in WNY-that would be everyone!

Welcome Spring, don't y'all go away now you hear?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

And that's what it is all about.

Today is dark, damp, cold, windy, snowy.

It affects your mood, it gets into your bones, it slows you mentally.

It stops you from just being who you want to be.

This winter of the mind and body has overstayed and has just beaten you down.

But then, a glimmer.

But then a view.

And, hope has returned.

Memories are there.

And isn't that what Easter is all about?

New Hope.

New Life.

With strength to face today, tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter gift for YOU

Many years ago a co-worker/friend gave me this recipe that she found in a group cookbook. It is now a family favorite. I tweaked a little here and there. I make it most Easter's and give a bunch away-here is the recipe for you-still time to make a batch or 5 before Easter.

Click to enlarge if your eyes are like mine and need BIG print. Enjoy.

p.s. for some reason, my usual formatting is not working, so I can not delete these big empty spaces-sorry.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh, grow up, OR....

I have a whimsical side to me, I love my many Christmas-themed musical stuffed thingys, I put little chatski things of an animal nature all through the house, and for most holidays, I decorate like crazy some say, with my bizillion Easter eggs on our lawn. Some of my blogs are done using the persona of a flower or a cat-so be it, I enjoy it.

I know there are terrible things going on in the word, but we can only fix what we are able to, and we are responsible for the tone of our lives-I do not stick my head in the sand and ignore all the ills of the world, I merely choose, when I can, to do things that make me or others smile, even for a short time. Someone once said I should grow up-said in half jest, and someone said to me yesterday that I have too much time on my hands-of course, this is certainly not the case. But, I have found time to do the things that are important to me.

Here are the recent things:

Notice that the toilet paper is in an antique chamber pot!

And I love that the blue-male birdie has his arm around the obviously adoring female birdee-I bought this a zillion years ago, and SHusband has had to glue it so many times-it is top heavy, and when I kept it on the widow sill, I knocked it over all the time. Now, it is moved to a less accident prone area. Thank you SH for always fixing everything for me! You are a keeper.
Bunnies and chicks are we! In my past life as a ceramic painter-I made the bunnies, and the little peek-a-boo chick is really a salt and pepper shaker-a unique baby shower favor from a SDEARFriend.
Who doesn't have a bunny in their living room-at least this one doesn't leave little presents on the floor.

This is my favorite musical Easter decoration, it sings "In your Easter Bonnet" and bounces up and down-quite happily!

And if you want a really cute rendition of "The Easter Song", check this out:

This is Leona's Easter Hat-notice her one ear sticks through the top?
Just a few eggs....................

I am a spoiled brat-I was jealous of Leona, and thought we NEEDED this cute chicken and her eggs to improve our yard.
And, since my SSHusband and best friend makes me laugh like no other person, here is an example of him from our SCousins dinner yesterday. Notice he is not easily lifting that bottle of sparkling apple cider-but it was important for him to make that joke-the quiet teatotler made us all laugh!
Do you have joy in your life? You are responsible for your own happiness, it is not owed or due to you-now go out and be silly and happy. You are worth the effort SReader.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Cowbirthday!

Last week, my SHusband celebrated his Birthday. As the post title states, it was a cowbirthday, and that is because my SSon and I delivered a cow for him. Now the story: SH's family were cheese makers as you may have read here before. We still have the cheese factory behind our house, it was treated to an expensive new hat, excuse me, a new roof last summer, and for many years, SH wanted to buy a cow statue to honor all the farmers and cows that had their milk delivered here for cheese production. When the factory was first built in 1904-the milk cans were delivered by the farmers in horse-drawn wagons, and as the years passed, of course that changed to motorized trucks.

You can read a little more here and see a photo of the cheese factory way back when:

About 10 years back when we were on a "rock run" (as in "milk run" where you go to buy milk-see the connection?), we passed a place selling all kinds of lawn art, we turned around and there it was, (cue music) a standing calf-life size, made of cement, painted true black and white colors. SH fell in love. He wanted to buy it immediately-it was pricey, and BIGGGGGG. We decided to wait until we were driving home from our destination to make sure we had room for all his other purchases in the car. We did not. Boo Hoo. And we had to drive right past his little cow on our way home-leaving it behind with all the whirligigs on a stick and colorful cement butterflies and frogs sitting, just waiting for a new home.

SH talked about a cow statue occasionally, but the conversation really ramped up when a few years ago the cheese factory was honored with a historical marker from the town.

Oh, my rooster was crowing then.

Two weeks ago, on April Fool's day, I was doing some spring shopping in town-first at the wonderful, unique Country CrossRoads Store:

I bought SH a heart shaped arrangement, and soap that looks like a rock! Here is one of the little things which I bought from there to bring Spring to the house:
Shopper needs a gift too!

Then, I stopped at our other gem in town, Marilla Country Store: when I was all finished, I found him a cow magnet, and walking out, I saw a COW, a calf really, but you get the idea. It was small, made of cement, and just too adorable. I paid for it, and later when SSon came home from work, we snuck the dolly into the car and went to pick it up. We placed it near the historical marker-that little one was right at home there. Then I called SH on the phone to ask him if he could look out of the window at the cheese factory for a minute-he did and was very happy and surprised.

In subsequent conversations, he decided to name the new arrival Leo-his own middle name. But, being the accurate type that I am, I mentioned that since cows are female, he might want to tweak the name a bit-so he changed it to Leona. So, that is the name of our new family member. Leona's picture was posted on facebook, and many birthday wishes were offered.

For the actual day of SH's birthday, Leona sported a ribbon, cake was served, presents were given and the song was song,

but the real happiness was spending the day together, all happy for this little completed wish.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sneak preview.

Camilla here, Please don't boast about it, this is ever so secret, but I have a glimpse for you of the "WEDDING DRESS" to be worn by the future Queen-oh of course she will be Queen one day, we all know my Charlie is to be passed over, or picked so late in his dotage that he will not truly reign supreme.
Well, no matter, here is the gown

Isn't it lovely? Do you see the train in the back? I only wish, well, no matter, here is my creation in progress, sure to be a scene stealer:

Stop back and we will have a lookie at what the MIL will be wearing, what would look nice with a a hat and a purse?