Saturday, April 30, 2011

As promised......

As promised, here is the next step in the "Grand Opening" process for our Magnolia bush:

There are two yellow goldfinches in the middle-the one in the front is definitely male, can not tell about the one behind him.   There is also a purple house finch on the bottom of the photo, and a
 "Not sure what it is" bird in the left side of the photo. 
Can you see how pretty the colors will be when the buds are open?  We lost almost 10 buds in the recent storm, just laying on the ground after the high winds here-even our heavy outdoor chairs were picked up and tossed around .  It was chilly here today (40ish), so not enough warm sun to make them want to shed their nice warm outer blanket-maybe tomorrow eh?

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DIANA said...

There's always the hope of tomorrow, eh?