Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh, grow up, OR....

I have a whimsical side to me, I love my many Christmas-themed musical stuffed thingys, I put little chatski things of an animal nature all through the house, and for most holidays, I decorate like crazy some say, with my bizillion Easter eggs on our lawn. Some of my blogs are done using the persona of a flower or a cat-so be it, I enjoy it.

I know there are terrible things going on in the word, but we can only fix what we are able to, and we are responsible for the tone of our lives-I do not stick my head in the sand and ignore all the ills of the world, I merely choose, when I can, to do things that make me or others smile, even for a short time. Someone once said I should grow up-said in half jest, and someone said to me yesterday that I have too much time on my hands-of course, this is certainly not the case. But, I have found time to do the things that are important to me.

Here are the recent things:

Notice that the toilet paper is in an antique chamber pot!

And I love that the blue-male birdie has his arm around the obviously adoring female birdee-I bought this a zillion years ago, and SHusband has had to glue it so many times-it is top heavy, and when I kept it on the widow sill, I knocked it over all the time. Now, it is moved to a less accident prone area. Thank you SH for always fixing everything for me! You are a keeper.
Bunnies and chicks are we! In my past life as a ceramic painter-I made the bunnies, and the little peek-a-boo chick is really a salt and pepper shaker-a unique baby shower favor from a SDEARFriend.
Who doesn't have a bunny in their living room-at least this one doesn't leave little presents on the floor.

This is my favorite musical Easter decoration, it sings "In your Easter Bonnet" and bounces up and down-quite happily!

And if you want a really cute rendition of "The Easter Song", check this out:

This is Leona's Easter Hat-notice her one ear sticks through the top?
Just a few eggs....................

I am a spoiled brat-I was jealous of Leona, and thought we NEEDED this cute chicken and her eggs to improve our yard.
And, since my SSHusband and best friend makes me laugh like no other person, here is an example of him from our SCousins dinner yesterday. Notice he is not easily lifting that bottle of sparkling apple cider-but it was important for him to make that joke-the quiet teatotler made us all laugh!
Do you have joy in your life? You are responsible for your own happiness, it is not owed or due to you-now go out and be silly and happy. You are worth the effort SReader.


DIANA said...

I have joy in my life in the form of a good friend, who spreads her joy to everyone else, whether they want it or not! Sometimes they just need to be reminded. Enter SDear friend!! Thank you!

sally said...

You are a SFriend Diana! thank you for the kind comments! Now, go put on a funny hat and laugh!