Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Cowbirthday!

Last week, my SHusband celebrated his Birthday. As the post title states, it was a cowbirthday, and that is because my SSon and I delivered a cow for him. Now the story: SH's family were cheese makers as you may have read here before. We still have the cheese factory behind our house, it was treated to an expensive new hat, excuse me, a new roof last summer, and for many years, SH wanted to buy a cow statue to honor all the farmers and cows that had their milk delivered here for cheese production. When the factory was first built in 1904-the milk cans were delivered by the farmers in horse-drawn wagons, and as the years passed, of course that changed to motorized trucks.

You can read a little more here and see a photo of the cheese factory way back when:

About 10 years back when we were on a "rock run" (as in "milk run" where you go to buy milk-see the connection?), we passed a place selling all kinds of lawn art, we turned around and there it was, (cue music) a standing calf-life size, made of cement, painted true black and white colors. SH fell in love. He wanted to buy it immediately-it was pricey, and BIGGGGGG. We decided to wait until we were driving home from our destination to make sure we had room for all his other purchases in the car. We did not. Boo Hoo. And we had to drive right past his little cow on our way home-leaving it behind with all the whirligigs on a stick and colorful cement butterflies and frogs sitting, just waiting for a new home.

SH talked about a cow statue occasionally, but the conversation really ramped up when a few years ago the cheese factory was honored with a historical marker from the town.

Oh, my rooster was crowing then.

Two weeks ago, on April Fool's day, I was doing some spring shopping in town-first at the wonderful, unique Country CrossRoads Store:

I bought SH a heart shaped arrangement, and soap that looks like a rock! Here is one of the little things which I bought from there to bring Spring to the house:
Shopper needs a gift too!

Then, I stopped at our other gem in town, Marilla Country Store: when I was all finished, I found him a cow magnet, and walking out, I saw a COW, a calf really, but you get the idea. It was small, made of cement, and just too adorable. I paid for it, and later when SSon came home from work, we snuck the dolly into the car and went to pick it up. We placed it near the historical marker-that little one was right at home there. Then I called SH on the phone to ask him if he could look out of the window at the cheese factory for a minute-he did and was very happy and surprised.

In subsequent conversations, he decided to name the new arrival Leo-his own middle name. But, being the accurate type that I am, I mentioned that since cows are female, he might want to tweak the name a bit-so he changed it to Leona. So, that is the name of our new family member. Leona's picture was posted on facebook, and many birthday wishes were offered.

For the actual day of SH's birthday, Leona sported a ribbon, cake was served, presents were given and the song was song,

but the real happiness was spending the day together, all happy for this little completed wish.

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