Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seen in Western New York today....

Here is what I saw in Western New York (WNY) today:

* 80 degrees on the home digital-ever-so-reliable thermometer

* someone picking up hundreds of Easter eggs on their front lawn-that would be me. I will be reminded of this task tonight when I try to sleep, but my back and joints will be screaming "Stopida Faca Questa".

*a lady in a strapless, super short swimsuit coverup thingy, sitting in the sun, trying for some color, warmth and vitamin D-that would not be ME~!

*someone cutting their grass-not me, no way

*someone wearing sandals-that would be me, which reminds me now that sandals are official, I need to make my appointment for my first pedicure of the summer-thanks to my Christmas gift certificate from SDaughter and her family

*someone driving with their convertible top down, it was not anyone I knew, but I wonder if SD's SSig-other put his convertible top down on his PT CRUISER, sorry, did not mean to shout, but I love that car

*someone putting on a muscle shirt after their shower-that would be SSon, and he tried on a new Sabres bathing suit-can you see him smiling?
(All the pictures taken with my cell have this crappy orange hue since Sunday-I must have touched a wrong setting-sorry)

* a cat sitting in the window, one of many that were open today-that would be Boo-Boo Marie

*someone packing away their Easter decorations, and then of course finding two more that were hiding in plain site, then realizing that there are eggs and an Easter bonnet to be taken away on Leona-that would be me

*someone seeing the sweet face of their SDaughter at our lunch date-that would be lucky me

*someone going back out to plant bulbs and seeds that were purchased and plants that were dug up in the rain at Matka's house yesterday-she told me many times to take some, but I always said some other day-that day was here-that would be me, and thank goodness I had some beautiful new soil to cover it all with. God is going to water them for me tonight, and the next 4 days if the weather forecast is correct

* many people walking and walking dogs and pushing strollers

*someone enjoying a nap near an open window, very content-that would be SHusband

*someone putting out summer wicker chairs and hoses-that would be SS

*someone getting bitten by an insect already on first nice day-that would be SFriend

*someone seeing so many people walking around in tees and shorts, and then buying the summer supply of Sahlen Hot Dogs-3 lbs for the freezer, when they went grocery shopping after supper-that would be me

*someone going to buy edging for newly improved flower beds so that they don't get trampled on while trying to push out of the ground-that would be me

*someone enjoying a wonderful day-it all gets you in a better mood if the weather is good-all full of anticipation for the next season in WNY-that would be everyone!

Welcome Spring, don't y'all go away now you hear?


DIANA said...

Are you sure this was only one day? VERY busy, are we?

sally said...

It was a whopper of a day! I think I passed your house 4 times!