Monday, December 24, 2012

It seems that I am holding my heart in my hands these days.
There has been sadness in my family, my SCousin lost her husband of over 25 years. She is heart broken with her emotions so close to the surface.  How can she get through this? She will, she is a very strong and determined woman, but it will take more time than can be imagined I am sure. I am always thinking of her.

Then, our country is all in mourning over the tragedy that took the lives of twenty small innocent children and their dedicated-protective teachers. How is this possible that a person  had these weapons to do this horrible crime? How is it possible? His mother could see into the future that he was capable of killing her, taking her  weapons  and then committing such a crime?

Our hearts are all stressed by this loss of innocence for the fellow surviving classmates, what can they be thinking now, and the parents, oh, all the parents,  those whose children were taken from them and those who are washed with gratitude for the safety of their babies.  How do your find strength to get through this?

Today, we heard that a town, not far from where a great deal of my family lives had another heinous crime committed, four firefighters were shot while trying to control multiple house fires, two were murdered, two in critical condition, savage coward who killed them is dead also. 

Maybe we need to stop giving these murderers what they want.  We need to stop putting their names and pictures all over, they want their 15 minutes, and they will go for it at such a high cost to others. I don't care what they look like, what their name is, where they lived, nothing.  I know all I need to know about them, they are savages who do not deserve to be studied at length. And if they are not dead at the scene of the crime, give them a name like Killer 1. for their trial.   No pictures, please media of all types, stop giving them what they crave, it is too big a price that our world is paying.

Peace, Peace, Peace.