Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lucky Me!

Today, I am the Happiest girl in the whole USA! And Donna Fargo wrote this song just for me!

I especially like the ending part "shine on me sunshine, skip with me world". And the man who introduces her, very precisely states her name-I like accuracy.

I slept until 8am-rare of rarest , I am sure if I had gone right to sleep last night that I would have been up earlier, so this just averages out.

For Christmas, my SDaughter and her family bought me an extravagant gift-a spa pedicure. I was waiting until I was SURE that there would be no more snow, and that my shoes would be of the summer flavor. When the temp went to 80 degrees this week, I knew it was time to make the appointment. And they were able to take me today! Life is good.

The place is called Blue Spa

Click on "photo gallery" on their website, and see how beautiful it is there. Someone with a great "eye" planned and decorated it.

I started taking pictures as soon as I walked in so that I could share it with you.
See me taking the picture behind the lovely blue stone?

It is a beautifully decorated, serene place, with touches of striking blue everywhere.

A lovely young woman named Stephanie took care of me, and I will be sure to ask for her when I return. She was very polite, serene, did her job well, not distracted by other people or things. Could carry on a conversation without being intrusive. Not once did she have to jump up and answer the phone or leave me just soaking.

Here I am in BLUE water, percolating to start.

Here I am after a wonderful massage of the legs and feet, she knows her stuff, my color is PAMPLONA PURPLE/OPI. I also bought a bottle for touch ups in between pedicures. It is a new deep color.

Do not make fun of my feet, I will have you know that a longer 2nd toe is a sign of royalty!

And did you see my new flip flops from Kohls? I had them waiting in a bag just for this special time.

When she was finished with me, I placed my feet into a foot nail dryer-so cool-I wish I invented it. Then she sprayed me with something to help harden the color, and I dried again. When I was done, she took me for a tour, and OMG, they have a relaxation room for people to sit in before their massages to set the mood-fireplace, wall waterfall, comfy furniture, soothing music, you name it, and it was just dark enough. A large styling area was so beautifully decorated that it would be hard to imagine not loving your "do" when you were done. They had COUPLES massage rooms, and about 15 other treatment rooms. They also had a neat room for a party, tall tables and chairs where you could have lunch, like for a bridal party or any occasion-heck make one up to go there.

The blue and green glass subway style tiles were above the sinks, and they had all kinds of things to drink, I had water-in a beautiful blue glass.

Just before I left, I took these pictures in the ladies room of their wall art:

After this calming 90 minutes, I took the car for an extensive deep interior cleaning, trying to wash winter away from the place where I spend so much time-looked great, but I did end up with a wet coolou because the plastic that they use to cover the newly shampooed seats shimmied away as soon as you sat down. So, there I was, my newly highlighted hair again, my pedicure looks marvelous, in a spanking clean car, and my pants were wet! Talk about a mood killer, a good thing that I was going straight home.

When I got home, SHusband greeted me at the door, and SCat Boo Boo Marie slipped out and eat a little grass and then came back in. It was really funny, about 10 minutes later she burped! I did not know cats could do that, but it was nice to share a laugh with SH.

AND, supper was leftovers-how great can this day be!

Well, if I happen to get a last minute invite to tomorrow's big affair in England, my feet, hair and car will be beautiful, and my coolou should even be dry by then. I will stay close to the phone, who knows, maybe my long 2nd toe will have some pull?

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