Friday, February 11, 2011


Matryoshka Dolls, are also called Russian Nesting Dolls. They are made of wood, and have an equator like separation-which, when opened reveals another doll, which when opened, etc. I have two sets and a loner.
I recently took out my dolls, and packed away some other things.
One was "here" when I moved in-origin unknown. SHusband thinks it may have been given to his SMother by a card playing friend "up the street."
It has 4 pieces and a crack, art work is very limited, but sweet and obviously hand-done and way better than anything I could ever produce. Can we say "connect the dots" was my greatest artistic achievement? We let our SGrandson play with it when he was a toddler, he was surprised every time he found another piece inside. A joy just to watch him re-finding this treat each time.
The other set was hand-picked by our SCousin who made periodic humanitarian trips to Russia in the 1990's to help them start cheese factories.
They had the milk, but not the knowledge to be successful business people. They were so used to the government being in charge of everything, that they did not know how to be entrepreneurs. He had the knowledge and was dedicated to helping others tirelessly.

I asked him to pick me up a set of nesting dolls (you don't think I knew the real name now do you?) on one of his trips there, and boy did he:

The art work is so detailed and well done. This set is based on a Russian folk tale, as most of them are.

A cute story about the smallest piece as told to me by his wife: He had taken the set out to show her, and by either a swipe of their cat or magic, the littlest one got separated from the mother ship. No one noticed, the set was repacked and given to me, and then when SC's wife was vacuuming she found it-before it was gobbled up for good! It arrived in the mail to me.

Now, we have a little curious SCat, and I would not put it past her to think of these as a playdate, so after taking these pictures, I packed away the smaller ones inside of their big sister protector (lucky the girl who has a big sister to protect them!) .

I also received this loner which can be used as a tree ornament:

It was given to me by my SFriend, the painter mentioned in this story (I never linked back to one of my blogs-hope this works). She took a trip to Russia that included the cultural high spots and artisan venues, and brought the "lunch ladies" back these.

It could be used as a Christmas Tree ornament, but I keep out as a life ornament.

Everything you always wanted to know about these wonderful nesting dolls is in this wikipedia link, and a great story about this set, Russian politicians:

It is nice to change your precious gimmy gatchyees or tchatchkes around now and then, they all look new again. Spring is almost here, rotate your stuff! It's free.

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