Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bye-bye Wal-Mart

About a year ago, we decided to buy some more stock, interest rates being what they are (or more accurately, are not).
SHusband and I discussed all the usual ones, and some we already had, but I thought Wal-Mart would be a good experience. After all, 6 years ago we were spending so much money on Tim Hortons that we thought we should buy stock in the company, and we did, (well, he did, for me, as an Anniversary present) and that has really gone up.
Well, our Wal-Mart was doing OK also, until the past SEVEN quarters, which means that for 5 quarters we were ridin' high, and then creepy feelings started as we watched it stop going up.....
Today, our broker called, and suggested that we sell, sell, and buy, buy-GE. We already owned some GE, and he thought it would be prudent. (That may be the first time I ever typed that word, let alone use it.)
So, SH, knowing that those Wal-Mart shares were hand-picked by me, checked with me before selling and then he went ahead with the transactions. So, if I could ask you a favor-buy every stinking GE product you see. Even if you know it is overpriced or you don't need it. Just for me. OK? Thanks.

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