Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I likes to sit where I likes to sit...

You all know of my #1 preference for sitting, but sometimes, I like to mix it up a bit, you know expand my meowhorizons. So I have been trying out a few other meowvenues. And here they are:
Sometimes I sit in front of the big meowthing that is colorful and loud.

Sometimes I sit on the meowthing that sounds pretty.

Sometimes I sit on soft meowthings-what do mean get off the coats that are only there while the closet door is being replaced? I like it here and I will sleep here now. Go away. Do I look like I am kidding?

And sometimes, I like to sit on the clacky-clackity meowthing. Let me think, oh yeah, BOO-BOO Marie's Rambles, yeah, I like the meowsound of that.

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