Friday, February 18, 2011

Let's see what the wind blows in...

It is so windy here today that if it could talk it would say "HEY YOU, LOOK AT ME, OH WAIT, YOU CAN NOT SEE ME. WHAT NOW?"
Well, my friend windy is correct, we can not see him. But we can see the roof shingle from our neighbor's house on our snowishgrass.
We can see the bird feeders are empty from the wind blowing them around so much they are like a pinata for the birds, who are actually MIA since they could not fight the strength of the wind this time.
We can see two plastic Easter eggs that were part of our front lawn decorations 10 months ago, and were hiding on us when we tried to bag them all up. The ones that were plucked out of the branches did not give away their comrades, so these two remained. Well, who could argue with them? In a dark plastic bag in a storage room, when you could be outside, tucked into a nice evergreen, sheltered for the most part, looking through the branches to see the snow falling and watching us trying to take it away? Really, the few pecks that are hammered on the eggs from birds and squirrels are only temporary when they figure out this thing won't open. Now they too have been dislodged, and if they are still there tomorrow, they will be snatched and put into the bag to tell the others of their adventures.
We also see broken tree branches, ripped from the waving arms of the larger branches.
We also see empty cardboard boxes which were stacked neatly at the garbage area of the corner pizzeria-now free, and running for their lives before they get smashed, pulverized and spit out as new boxes. I for one would be happier if the boxes were returned back to their owners instead of going deeper into the woods across the street. The snow bank was too high for me too leap (leap??? more accurately fall) over yesterday to grab them, and now the snow bank is gone, and boxes are out of reach-maybe they are going up the street to visit my SFriend-it would give her SDog something to run after-some of them contained chicken-so they might still have that come hither smell that doggies like.
And we see the clouds, going at such a speed that they are mesmerizing to watch their ever changing patterns.
We see some dried leaves flying across the streets, broken out of their shelters and continuing their trip from last fall.
We see hair standing straight up and then, poof, all going horizontal. Kinda fun to watch, as long as it is not me.
SHusband says that winds are always a sign of change in the weather, and today the temps were in the 50's, tomorrow the 30's are predicted, so long as they don't bring that white stuff, 30's are OK, we are tough up here in Western NY, but we have reached our "enough" point-give us a few nice days and we want more-we have had enough snow, keep it up there.
And here for you, is one of my favorite oldies: "Windy" by the Association

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