Sunday, February 6, 2011


We tend to celebrate, and celebrate, and celebrate.
Lets take a scroll through the last three days of SSon's 40th Birthday events.
Day one:
-SS and I did some Errands, and then,

-Lunch at Applebees's Restaurant, which included a birthday hot fudge sundae slider and balloon for him-and the server made it clear that they DO. NOT. SING. ANYMORE. Well, I appreciate the generous free dessert for him.

-A trip to Dave and Busters-a chain of restaurants and arcade games, and he bought this with his winnings:

Yep, Dave and Busters Boxer Shorts!

-Dinner at home with us and SGrandSon including one of SS's favorite: pasta/cheese sauce and meatballs-not speecy-spicey meatabals-just plain meatballs. I was reminded of SGrandmaV when I was cooking very early that morning-she did that all the time.
-Dessert was:
We sang, he cut the frozen ice cream cake, SHusband pulled out the knife-but he tried first to continue the slice-not an easy task with the knife upside down for Tim's luck!-Day Two:
Lunch at Tully's Restaurant including two Non-alcoholic Pina Coladas

40th Balloon brought by SDaughter


Free Birthday Dessert and singing from generous Tully's

Group Picture-please note that we are all wearing Buffalo Sabres shirts in honor of the birthday boy's love of his team.

Drove home THROUGH A SNOW STORM, see, I told you about snow on his birthday!

One last gift for his birthday.
I made a card for him, on the front I put this picture of him
and inside I put this picture:
He did not catch on at first that the present was pictured in the card. But with a few hints, he got it and was very happy.

Day three/actual Birthday:
I woke up SS at exactly 8:05 AM-the time of his birth, by singing on his intercom-what a sound to hear me singing in the morning-he laughed.

SGS wished his uncle a Happy Birthday a zillion times this morning before his father picked him up.

We went to breakfast to SS's favorite HOME place, the Pine Lounge in Cowlesville New York.
They are always so kind to him there. And when they heard that it was his 40th Birthday, they gave him his breakfast on the house: Chocolate Chip Pancakes! Very generous again.

He finished off the birthday with one final crazy coffee for him-the end of indulgences!
He is using his new laptop now, and grinning the whole time! His first e-mail on his laptop was a message to me with a link to one of his favorite songs on youtube: Jim Croce singing Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown:
He was blessed to receive many cards and gifts and well wishes from family and friends.

His family has been so blessed back to have him be part of us these many years-he has added so much to all of our lives. Happy Birthday Dear Son, we all love you.
Now, the wallets are empty, the arteries and memory banks are full, just as it should be. Thank you to all who made his day so special.

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