Friday, February 4, 2011

Forty years in one breath.

You may know that my kids are adopted, but you might not know that I was at the hospital for both of their births. I drove SSon's birth mother to the hospital forty years ago, in a snow storm when she was in labor, and the next morning, I discovered why the car was "pulling" on the I-90 expressway-I had a flat tire. Guardian Angel on duty. Thank you. His Dad changed it during a storm the next day.
SSon was born in a snow storm forty years ago, and it has stormed most years very near his birthday ever since, But no storm can contain how blessed I feel to have SWEETSON in my life.

I love this picture, he was about two weeks old, February 1971, and this was a sweet yellow blanket with happy brown bunnies. He loved it also and insisted that his SSister use it seven years later. Can you see that he had dark brown eyes that his SPaternal grandmother called chocolate drops-maybe that is why he loooves chocolate?

Early welcome visitors, Matka, SS#1 and her daughter, SCousin-who minutes after this picture was taken, and even though she was just shy of two years old at the time, she made sure that I did not leave the wet diaper on the dressing table-first time Moms need all the help they can get! I am sure that I could not have been able to get through the days without the advice of SS#1, even the smallest things-I did not have a clue. I do remember that I was pretty obsessed about doing things the right, safe way. We were expecting the adoption agency to appear without warning at all times, so Mom and baby were up and dressed by 8am everyday. House clean, laundry done, nursery spotless. I was not going to give them any reason for rejecting us. I was a nervous, stressed- out, sleep deprived mess. I mounted a flashlight on his bedroom doorjamb to check on him without waking him up, a small hand mirror was on his dresser to check his breathing, I boiled his dropped pacifier for 5 minutes to be sure it was clean. Oh Lord, I should have had a few glasses of wine instead to calm me down.
This same Christening Dress was used by my SSister#1's family, and then SDaughter.

Godparents, and he still calls them or gets cards from them.

Four generations on his Daddy's side. They were all wearing blue-I may not have noticed it that day, but I appreciate it today. I am always nagging people to get pictures with as many generations as they can.

We talked. Alot. Here he was wearing an outfit with a Davy Crockett image on the front and brown fringe along the edge.

To An Adopted Child
by Fleur Heulinger
"Not flesh of my flesh
Nor bone of my bone
But still miraculously my own
Never forget for a single minute
You didn't grow under my heart
But in it........"

Thank you for this gift.

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