Monday, November 1, 2010

Art Show

I have a dear SFriend who is very kind, smart, generous, a wonderful service-oriented person, and also a painter. It is nice for SHusband to get together with her because she is so knowledgeable in many areas that he enjoys speaking about.

She recently told me of an exhibit of her paintings in one of the libraries in a near-by town. The following are some of the paintings on display

She said she was sitting someplace and saw this form in silhouette and painted it from memory.

A little dark shot on my part, but it really has a deep color palate of fall in the woods.

The top painting is a view of one her gardens. She has a nice variety of plants that are heirloom quality. She also is the one who gave me almost-black IRIS bulbs (rhizomes I think not bulbs) for my SSister-in-law who mentioned to me that she was looking for that color. SFriend gave me some for me too-always sharing.

Did she tell me it was a couple (lower right corner), strolling in a park in NYC? And can you see the beautiful dancers in upper painting? She did that by painting a base coat, then dropping paint onto the canvas and tipping the canvas so that the colors ran. Then she added elements that made it look like beautiful gypsy dancers.

Another view, a little lighter.

Some paintings looked better than when I cropped them, so here it is au natural.

Can you hear the birds chirping in this peaceful valley?

A variation of the couple in the park from painting #2.

SF said she did this one as part of a painting class.

This is a wonderful water-color painting of a harbor.

And this one my SReaders is not hanging on the wall at the Library, it is displayed with great honor on my wall-given as a very generous gift from SFriend to me.

I really love the theme, the colors, and the shapes of the flowers.

And here is our SArtist on the right and another SFriend on the left. The third SF that went to lunch with us that day was "under the weather", and not up to going to the exhibit-but now she can see the paintings here.



Margaret Hall said...

Super tour of your Art day~!! Thanks for sharing...You are quite the Social Butterfly!

sally said...

Margaret, We are a small group of friends who try to meet once a month. Very different in age and personalities-which makes us an interesting and cherished bunch.