Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rambling Bits and pieces

When we came home from a Veterans Day Parade today, sitting right in the driveway where SHusband would be stepping out of the car was this leaf from our Tulip tree. It is one of SH's favorite trees, and I bought it for him as a Wedding Present, almost 172 months ago now. It was just 10 ft tall when it was delivered, and now is about 50 feet tall. Do you see that the shape of the leaf is a tulip? Hence the name! And isn't SH just too handsome?

Yesterday was a family birthday party for this sweetie-can you guess his age by his shirt? His first birthday party was cancelled last year because some family members had already had swine flu and it was too worrisome to get people together. His SMom, holding him here and Dad organized such a great party. the invite was like a boarding pass/ticket for an airplane trip, the kids each had a nice solid wooden airplane to decorate (and her Dad made them my SGrandson told me), the Happy Birthday banner was made by her, favors were colorful plastic airplanes that were really a whistle, the tags and stickers for the cupcakes were made by her with the little guy's picture, the food was oh so good-we had a trip around the world-Chinese lo mien noodles and lasagna and wonderful chicken, along with a Greek salad. I wish you were there!

Here is SBrother-in law#1, and SBrother #1 (who is the grandpa of the birthday boy).

SB#1, SSister #1, and me.

Here is SS#1 and SSister-in-law#1 holding a picture of Matka along with a pizzelle recipe. That was her speciality to bring to every occasion. None of us were taught how to make them, so SS#1 just had someone teach her. She used Matka's pizzelle maker to make some, and brought them for the party so Mom could be there. And little sister of the birthday boy (who is just 10 months old), did not have a chance to taste one when Matka was making them, so now that she is on some real food, she got her first taste of one yesterday and really like it, grabbed a piece right out of daddy's hand.

SS#1's friend made copies of the pictures for all the sibs too. Very kind. And SSIL #1 had a phone call yesterday asking for Mary-it was a wrong number, but
Mary was Matka's name, so maybe it was just her saying hello?
I am so sad, I miss her so much. When will I be able to think of her and not cry?

Cat TV. Just before I took this picture, she was reaching up just to see if she could touch them.

This is Matka's chair. She always told me that I could have it. This year, before she moved into assisted living, we took it in for reupholstery. It sat in her new room. The pillow was one we girls gave her last year for her birthday on one of our many road trips. She loved her animal prints. The afghan is one I gave her last Christmas, it is very soft and her favorite color-purple. When I can't sleep at night, I sit there and read, and sometimes in the morning with my paper and coffee. But this week, BOO BOO Marie (Marie is after Matka, we have many granddaughters with a middle name of Marie, and all of my female pets have Marie as their middle name-silly me), decided that it is just the best place to perch. I have not shooed her away, Matka would think it was cute.
So listen, enjoy your day today, every day is a gift.

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