Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scew the pope!

The pope (no caps on purpose, that would be the sign of a proper noun-and in my book he is not proper at all), leader and auricle of my religion, Roman Catholic has given permission for males using male prostitutes to use a condom to avoid spreading aids! Well, isn't that nice of him, and the reason he said it is OK is because there is no procreation involved. However, if a male is using a female prostitute or even heaven forbid having sex with his wife, condoms are not allowed! Tell that to all the wives in Africa who are dying of aids that they caught from their husbands, tell that to all the parents in Africa who watch their sons and daughters die because of the spread of aids. I know, the pope did not give them aids, BUT, his voice is powerful, especially in a country where Catholicism is growing (unlike here in the USA), and a statement of "permission" from him would have gone a long way to those that listen to him.
As a leader of his flock the pope should show love to all of his members equally, making a statement like this and ignoring the women of the world who are also dying of aids is not loving and not wanted. Your days of spokesperson for me are over pope. Screw you, and oh, if you are using a male prostitute, feel free to use a condom to protect yourself!

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