Monday, November 29, 2010

Dominoes, the sport of Cats

My SFamily loves to play Dominoes. It all started when SHusband's family introduced it to me, and I spread it like a disease to my family. Before you knew it, we were all buying double nine or double twelve sets. These are not like the black wooden/white dot sets that we played as a child-these are white hard plastic with Colored Dots! SO, even if you can not see the dots well enough to count, you can play quickly-unless of course you are color blind-then it is slow going while the counting for each bone is made.
SBrother#1 and his wife taught her family, and when they go to Florida in the winter with her parents-they have tournaments!
SSister#1 and her husband are great players, they kinda come on slow and steady, and wham, one of them is out!
I miss playing with SHusband's family, not everyone can still play that used to, so we tend not to play anymore.
Bones are what we were told the tiles are now called, and the pile where you pick from is the bone yard. We have combined multiple sets when there are a lot of players, we have had "strategizing" (A word my SBrother#2 first used), and some players are so quick that you know they have been planning their next 5 moves. SCousin is I think one of the best players-she has incredible multi-tasking skills. We were at her house, she and her husband had at least 10 people, including kids over, she was being a great hostess, jumping up and down to take care of everyone, and she won every game!!! How does she do that? She is the cousin that plays trivia on the same website as me everyday, and we are always a few points apart-it is so funny to see how the day's scores go.
Here is the link to that game
You will need to pick a user ID (mine is sally, hers is cheesecat), and a password to sign in to play. A new tournament starts on the first of each month. The topics change daily, but you will always get killer topics like "baseball" or "religion-more difficult". These are such obscure questions, and in every religious denomination-they are what I call a groaner-you just guess and move on!
When Matka's last husband had Alzheimer's , he still managed to beat us a few times in Dominoes. It was really sweet that he could still do that and enjoy himself.
I played kids dominoes with my SKids-matching animals on the tiles, and then again with our SGrandson when he was a tike. But this weekend, he came over for a night, and I decided that he was old enough to hold his own, so we played a
game-which because we have a double nine set, has 10 hands to it. It was so much fun. He did well for being a newbie. SH won. The next day, SH and I played again, SH won-by one facacadah point. Tonight we played again, SH won. But, it was a good time.

One problem though, her name is Boo Boo Marie, and she wanted some attention.

Right down in the middle of the game, on the bones. She was squirted with water so many times to get her off the table tonight-she won't need a bath for some time-she just kept coming back to sit in and on the bones. What attraction could they possibly have for a cat? Well, they are cold, and colorful, but really? Oh gee, it just occurred to me that we should have washed them with a little disinfectant before we put them away after she sat on them. Hey, if you are playing dominoes at my house, I don't suggest you suck on the bones while you are thinking of your next move-I'm just saying.......................................

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