Monday, November 29, 2010

Northern Lights

These are some beautiful pictures of The Northern Lights which SFriend sent to me via e-mail. I saved all the photos as I usually do, but when I tried to open them only one (the header picture) opened. What? How could that be I wondered. So I tried 6 different photo programs which are offered for opening photos, and finally Quick Books Picture Viewer worked-the only one that could open the photo. But, there was a catch-you could "See" the photo but not "save it". Well, that's no help, how can I share these on my blog like that?? So, using a method I have tried before, I got out my handy cell phone , and using the camera, I took a picture of my screen:

Then I e-mailed them to myself, then I saved them in my picture file. Next I used my old faithful program called PhotoSuite III Executable to rotate, and crop so only the photo remained.

And the results are here:

I should never complain about cold again! That is minus around 38 degrees!

Lots of steps, but you are worth it SReader.
SHusband just walked by and seeing the above picture said:
"Particles from the sun that enter the upper atmosphere get energized by the magnetic field at the poles, and they ionize and begin to glow. Light from the sun becomes refracted by the water particles in the atmosphere, producing the rainbow effect. He said that the last picture should not be in the grouping called Northern Lights because it was taken during the daytime, Northern Lights happen only at night."
But, I like it, so it stays!

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