Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mt. Merapi

As you may have heard, Mt. Merapi Volcano in Indonesia erupted on October 31st.
So far, the death toll is over 30, but over 65 thousand people are being cared for after fleeing their homes. You can see how saturated the area is with homes-now those closest to the volcano are covered with ash as seen here with the white roofs..

Residents flee using whatever means available. Do you see the comparison here to those fleeing after Hurricane Katrina?

Mothers always worry about their babies.

The molten lava, poisonous gases, ash and the resulting tsunami are all factors in this catastrophe.

This river, source of food and fresh water is now covered with ash.

Have her eyes ever seen such horror before?

Imagine, all is lost.

And in the end, we must always remember to reach out to others, and reach out to help ourselves when possible.

These photographs were taken by Sonny Tumbelaka & Adek Berry/AFP Getty Images.
I know some people say that those people should not have been living there, but is there a part of the world that can not be affected by natural disasters of some kind?

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