Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog favorite

I read a variety of blogs, one of my favorites is 20th Century Woman-her link is on the bottom of this page. Just click on it and it will get you right to her door. She is very intelligent, I mean, verrry intelligent. Some of her blogs are like going to school for me, but in this case, I am paying attention! She has lived a very full and interesting life-and continues to do so. She has a science background that she continues to nourish. And she is a painter-and a darn good one if you ask me. When you read her blog you will see how many other talents she has-writing a wonderful blog is just one of them.
She and her husband live part time in Washington and part time in Alaska, where they are now. She has so beautifully documented that trip up north that they just took, and her blog entry yesterday showed their walking-path through the Alaska woods near their home. I was happy to see the beautiful pictures of her snowy "backyard", and also pleased that we are not sharing that weather with her right now.
This morning I was drinking my hot coffee, reading the paper, bundled up, the temp outside was 29degrees, and I think that is as cold as it has been here this season. The sun was not up yet, and the cat sitting on my chest while I was juggling the paper and coffee was putting up with my occasional slight movement. It was very relaxing, SSon was safely off to work-there is always a concern in case the van is late, or something goes wrong with his rigid routine, but he was on his way, so that is always a deep breath for me. SHusband was still sleeping, which is good so he can get his allotment of strength in his bank account for today. Then, when he got up, and dressed, he came over to give me a koosie good morning (we talk in such baby talk sometimes!), and he looked out the window. Now remember, he is a very accurate person, he does not make quick statements, and today was no exception. He calmly said, "looks like it is snowing", I of course, jump up displacing the now irate cat, and twist my old bones so I can look out the window too. And yep, there they were, itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie little flakes. I had thought about getting up to take a picture to document for you, but not today, too cozy in the afghans. Trust me-they were there.
The hard frost on the ground and the leaves of the Magnolia Bush were a white background too now that the sun was up, so it was a little pretty scene. Snow has stopped, and of course there is no evidence that it existed, but we here have ticked off one more thing in the yearly list of "Firsts" that we maintain in our heads.
Thanks for stopping by, I wish you a Blessed Day of wonder.

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