Thursday, November 25, 2010

Don't empty the Thanksgiving garbage yet!

So listen, first lesson for Thanksgiving, don't empty the garbage yet, BECAUSE, first you need to count your good silverware before you put it away. SBrother-in-Law#1 taught me that, and he said our SAunt taught him that, so pass it on, it could mean not losing a few nice pieces from your set into the garbage when the plates are scrapped.

Now look at this

Isn't it adorable? A neighbor of SSister#1 had a newborn daughter and they traced her feet for the body of the turkey and her hands for the feathers. How adorable is that?

Well, maybe even more adorable is this:

Slightly larger version, which was made last night by my SS#1 for me-yes, with her hands and foot traced. We laughed so hard-it is a good thing that I saw it before we ate.
Speaking of eating, This was the table before we began: Soup by SDaughter's SBoyfriend-squash soup-to die for or as SS#1 says dee-lish-es., then we had the usual, turkey, po'tates, gravey, dressing (if it is not stuffed in the bird's coolou to cook it is dressing I was told), green bean casserole,squash/yam/apples casserole, jello because last year Matka made jello, rolls, olives (any of your little ones put one on each finger like our kids did when they were little, and then eat them?), pickles, stuffed celery-also not cooked in the turkey coolou, but still called stuffed because of the cream cheese, cranberry relish (not gel smooth stuff-but I must admit that I like that just as much as I like my cooked whole berry). Then we put off dessert as long as SHusband allowed, we had: Key Lime Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Dipmade by SGrandson with graham cracker sticks, Frozen Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie, French Apple Pie, Chocolate Cream Pie.
We also had this at dessert time:

Chocolate flavored wine!
The verdict is still out, some said it wasn't as bad as other chocolate wines, some said it was OK, we did mix with sprite, and it cut the strong flavor a bit. I do not drink, but had a sip-well 2 actually, and it was good-had an after-taste that gave you a chocolate taste.

We sat under our new chandelier,

Isn't it pretty? It is very heavy, and I had a rheostat-oops, that's my science
background sneaking out, I mean a light dimmer, and it is really nice for not eating in glaring light, but just soft light. It was a bit pricey, but now was the time to buy it.

And in the corner, for a small price, smidge of a price really, is this new floor lamp. I needed more light at my computer-the student desk lamp that you see in the right corner of the picture was just not enough light anymore.
And the nice thing about it is, it cost $29.99 at Wal-Mart! Metal stand, but even though it doesn't look it-the globe is plastic!! Whoda thought I would like a lamp with a plastic globe-but I do, I do.

When we were done eating, many people-BUT me did the dishes-thank you to all: SSon's Step Mom, that is too long, we refer to each other as sisters-in-law, so
let's make it that, much shorter, unless of course you count the long explanation here!!, SS#1, SDaughter and her SBoF (new term, I could not use BFF, it sounds corny, but SBoF is boyfriend-feel free to use it and give it a viral spread!)

We got to sit and enjoy each other's company, and ding-dong-couldn't imagine who was at the door and it is my SNiece-daughter of SS#1.She was in the area (she lives almost an hour away), but was at the cemetery, and her GPS told her how close we live, so she popped in. I am so happy, I love her dearly, and we just never see each other-I was a working Mom too, so I know just how that time thing works.
Speaking of Matka, I hate that I can only speak of her and not to her, yesterday was extremely difficult, we would talk and she would ask what I was making now for the meal today, etc., And she was the first person that I knew who answered her telephone "Happy Thanksgiving" before she said hello. She did it for all the holidays-she was fun. I will never be the same again since she died, but I will never be who I am without her in my life-so there are many things to be thankful for. I spoke to all my sibs and my SAunt today, I had my loved ones around me, and we made it through. Thank you God for all my family, friends and memories.

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