Saturday, January 1, 2011

What Happened to baby Jesus?

OK, my name is Boo Boo Marie, and I am hijacking this blog. I got me some meowcomplaints.

First of all, I looked and looked, and there were no presents for me-

meow &*&^&^meow!

Yes, I got that lovely catnip infused thing, but really once you have slobbered all over it-it is kinda yucky to be playing with again-Know what I meowmean?
They work me hard here-counting the birds at the feeders outside
and keeping the birdies inside awake!

Washing the kid's face takes a long meowtime! But I love him, so, you know, it is fun for both of us.
This nice guy gives me rides whenever I want them.

And when I am tired, I can always snag a meowride.

Yeah, meowyeah, we have fun-but how long can you play dominoes?
I meowmean, a cat needs its meowrest! I found the perfect spot a few weeks ago, right up against this little flock of people with little baby Jesus on the big table-the one that doesn't usually have food on it, so these guys let me hang out up there-good views of coming and goings, heat from the flat clacky on the table thing that the nice man uses-it does beep and say "Welcome to e-bay" a lot though-that gets on my last meownerve!
I digress, I so meowloved parking my little coulou up against him, that baby Jesus-kinda felt meowsafe there, like he was protecting me.
Then, yesterday SHE comes along and starts puttin' all kinda stuff on the table-but you know what? It seemed even more meowcozy to be nestled in with all those things-so many were red and green.

I hid for hours, and no one tried to meowshoo me away. AAAh, meowbliss.
Then, the decree from her this morning: "We are putting away the rest of the Christmas stuff today".

What? Wait, I'm meowsleeping here, go do something else-eat a few cookies or put on some of that nice soft meowmusic I like-just leave all MY stuff here!

I lost!
Where did it all meowgo Where is my little buddy?

What is a kitty to do?Woe is me.

Well, at least he is still here, my favorite meowpillow. AAAh. See yah next year little one, maybe it is not so bad here after meowall.

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