Monday, January 3, 2011

Meet the flockers...

Today, SHusband and I were in the car, and watching a flock of blackbirds swarming through the sky. It was amazing-SH said they numbered about 1,000! Then, all of a sudden, they decided to land-they picked one house and all the yards associated with it.

You can see some black spots near the house on the grass? (That is the most bassackwards sentence which I have ever written!) Those are SOME of the birds.

They were pecking at the ground, some of which was covered with snow, and probably very cold. The ones on the roof were just hangin' for a bit.

SH said that after the babies are born in the fall, they all flock together, they don't migrate, or very little, and they count on each other to stay warm-kinda like the Buffalo Bills fans at a game in the great outdoor stadium-except of course if many fans are disgusted by the team's performance-body warmers are sparse-you are on your own. That is what SNiece told me.

So, the next time you see a flock of birds-wonder:how did they manage to pick a leader to tell them when to swarm right or left or do a loop-de-loop, RIGHT NOW! LOOK OUT BELOW!

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