Friday, January 21, 2011

If it looks like this outside.........

If it looks like this outside, maybe you need to put some of this inside:

Can you see the steam coming off the bowl? It is a shredded wheat biscuit-broken up, 1/2 banana-sliced thin and some skim milk-cover and nuke for 90 seconds.

Did I tell you that when I was a kid, SGrandma V. would make hot cereal like this? She would take a similar shredded wheat biscuit, break it up, cover with boiling water, cover bowl with a saucer and let it sit-maybe 5 minutes. When you are a kid, you have no concept of time, a minute is a year. Then she would use her Teflon hands to hold the bowl over the sink and use the saucer to drain off the water, and then add milk-which of course in those days was whole milk.

Milk came in glass bottles, and for some years the bottles had a little extra chamber at the top where the cream was-people would pour that off into a little pitcher to use for coffee. Then when the bottles were done, you would clean them out, and put into your very own milk box outside your back door-along with your written order for the milkman-on a scrap of paper, written in pencil, and include your money for previous deliveries. If your order did not change, no note needed-they knew their customers. The milkman had a big metal truck with the products surrounded by ice chips in the metal crates, and in later years, the trucks became refrigerated. They would be making their deliveries very early to have fresh products at your door when you woke up-they never made it there before SGV though. Sometimes, when you would be lucky enough to see the milkman's truck, you would ask for a chip of ice, and a ride to the next neighborhood to visit your friends, but later, a "NO RIDERS" sign was posted, some kid probably was not hanging on good and spoiled it for the rest of us.

Back to the cereal, I used the same method for my kids when they were little-they hated it. I added the banana and switched to milk about 10 years ago when I changed over to the microwave method, but you can be sure that I think of SGV every time I eat this, no matter the final cooking method.

And remember the rule, "If it is good for breakfast, it is great for supper."

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