Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hair Color: BLAH

For many years, I have had my hair highlighted-blondish streaks over a mixture of homegrown dull brown and a smatter of gray. I loved the color, contrast my my skin color and eyes seemed to be good in my opinion. SHusband, not so much, but he always said it is your hair, do want you want. The former strident me of 20 years ago would have said "DAMN RIGHT I WILL". The aged to perfection (well that sounded arrogant, let's just say, a person on the road) just nodded her head and said OK.

In November, I thought my hair had a certain straw texture-not becoming, and so I thought I might tone it down a bit. And, leaving the house for my hair appt, after my goodbye koosie, SH said very quietly-"Maybe not so light this time?".

And, you know what, that is what I choose to do. So, I told SBeautician that I don't want it highlighted, but rather colored, and no where near my real color-a cross between mud and coffee grounds. I don't want it blonde, but definitely not brown I said. She did her magic, and I turned out a nice little ginger color, a combination of my growing out blonde highlights and some other stuff she mixed to make it work. I looooved it, SH loved it, and all who saw it said it was nice. December's color was a little less ginger, but still nice, and I asked what would happen when all my highlights grew out, she said we can add a few in for some contrast.

January's hair color appt resulted in dark BLAH. I was very surprised to see what it looked like, and we immediately discussed the need to add some highlights at my next monthly visit.

This is what I look like:
Not as cute as this little guy, but the same hair color. He is actually a model made from fossils dug up in Ethiopia in 2000, a 3 year old baby monkey that is another connection to us. A kissing cousin as it were. I was sitting in the car repair garage today for a short time, and some kind soul had dropped off some National Geographic mags since my last visit a few weeks ago. What a nice surprise, I had all intentions of rereading the old sports illustrated (not) that I read the last time.

This is the cover from November 2006 NatGeo.

So, while I don't like my hair color, as they say, it is only hair and it can be fixed or wait until it grows.

When I was 18, I had hair that was colored lighter, I also had hair that was too wavy I thought, so I chemically straightened it myself-and yes indeed, some areas were less wavy. My first day of school to be an X-Ray Tech was the day after I graduated from High School. My hair grew very fast, and I was worried that since my first day was so intense that I would not have time to keep my studies up and my roots. I purchased some hair color that night, and applied it. Since my hair was already colored-it was very porous, so the intended color of warm brown turned out to be almost-black. Went back to school the next day and got a few looks-you know where someone is either constipated or stepped on a piece of glass. My Chief Tech was a great guy, he just smiled.

And as if there were not important things to worry about in this life, I can't wait until I get a little sunshine in my hair.

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