Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A stich for all time.

When I was a child, my maternal Grandma, SGrandma Viviani lived with us for many years. I can remember that she sewed buttons on and did hems and other sewing repairs-but most times one of us ankle-biters would be around and would thread the needle for her. She was not a skilled seamstress, but got the job done. My two SSisters are wonderfully skilled seamstresses, and very generous with the items which they make. Me, not so much.

My SAunt is also a very good sewer-my Matka, her sister-not so much. Matka could crochet like the wind, and she also shared so many afghans, sweater sets, and a bizillion scarves with all. No offense Mom, but I think you and I could not sew a straight seam for nothing.

I also remember SGV embroidering pillowcases. You would buy the pillowcases prestamped with a design, and all the stitches were "X", in different colors of embroidery thread, all blended in to make a pretty design, and then the edge of the pillowcase was finished with a crochet stitch. I did some crewel embroidery during one of my former lives, so I know you use a hoop or a stretcher when you embroider, but I can't remember her using one??? Maybe I was just not paying attention to the details.

About 1969, as both Matka and I were entering into marriages, and things were dispersed, I ended up with 2 pillowcases that SGV made. I never used them, that would be sacra-religious or something. I cherished SGV so much, that I did not want to destroy something that she touched. So, I have hand washed these things many times and keep moving them from home to home, and placing them at the bottom of my stack of pillowcases-so that they are never used by mistake. The other day, when pulling out pillowcases-and I use double pillowcases on each of the four pillows on our bed, so, I always grab a big bunch, I noticed these lovely pillowcases from SGV and pulled them out to look at them.

And I made a choice-I would use them. Now, don't be shocked at my wanton lack of good judgement. It is not that I suddenly devalued them, it was just that they were made to be used. So, I put one under the sheet-matching pillowcase on my main, favorite pillow that I lay my head on every night. Last night, I could feel the ridges of the embroidery through the covering pillowcase, and I thanked SGV for making them and SMatka for giving them to me. And I had sweet dreams-all night long. The end.

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