Monday, January 17, 2011

Most People would not...

Most people would not ...

*ignore the cat in the morning when she decides it is time for breakfast-especially since she is camped out on your back while you are sleeping with your face in the pillow, and to make sure you get the message, she then walks over to the nightstand and walks on the "sleep" button which activates the classical station-at the precise time that it is not playing music, but broadcasting the chipper message of "Good Morning, wake up now".

*make coffee a day after finishing up the final flu symptoms-bitter tasting..

*Decide to refill the bird feeders because they only have a snack left in one of the feeders and it is so cold outside:

and then, lock themselves out of the house, when ringing the doorbell is not working because those left in the house know that I am up and will answer the then they both come answer the door at the same time, apologies all around when I dragged them out of their warm beds and they for not understanding that they neeeeeeded to unlock the door.

*insist that they would now drink the cold and bitter coffee

*put white gloves on beautiful black girls who are performing a dance routine in honor of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.-was the person in charge too young to remember that in old vaudeville times white performers would put on black-face make-up and white gloves and perform as if they were black people-Does the name Al Jolson ring a bell? I know I have seen dance performances where the white gloves are used to emphasize the movements, but really??? For this performance???
I thought it was poor taste for the dance coordinators and even more poor taste for the area newspaper to print it.

*would not be so judgemental of others doing their best to honor
Rev. King, but me??? Still working on that eh?

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