Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Feel your pain my (Astrological) Brother

The world is in a panic-well that portion of the population that believes in the forces of astrology and how your "sign" affects, and effects you. Some old info came to light about the true path of the Earth's orbit, and now people are confused and do not know what to do about their incorrect tattoos.

Oh, what will happen to us all?

Oh, how can I plan my day?

Oh, who am I compatible with now?

Gee, folks, give yourself some credit for being who you are because of WHO YOU ARE. Not because a star looks like a fish or a bull. The people around you, the choices you make, the values you hold will certainly be the deciding voices in who you are.

p.s. when I was 18, my date of birth changed, well, it didn't change, my knowledge of the correct info changed. So I went from a solid Taurus

to a cusp Gemini.

I know your pain, and I am still here, having survived that trauma.

Peace brother.
Is this the most 70's blog I ever did? I hear yah!

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