Sunday, January 30, 2011

Different styles of decorating, again, etc

Yesterday, I asked SSon and SGrandson to finish putting up the Valentine's Day decorations on the kitchen window-I usually am pretty precise about the pattern-how stupid. So two days ago when I noticed that I was doing this, I just stopped after putting up 3 and decided to have the guys finish it. SGS was here for his SPoppy's birthday-his Mom's Dad and SS's dad -got it?
The party was kindly moved here to accommodate SHusband and the snow that caused some navigation problems where the party originally was to be held.
So anyway, the guys started peeling off the little gummy decorations that have been popular for a few years, SSon putting them on very precisely, and SGS using his style, which can be described as ......quick.
Then, he came up with the best look ever:

He is too funny. He was described as looking like John Lennon in his Yoko years.

SS gave the right-side window a nice, geometric look at the top, all in a row. So him.

Here are the guys with the Birthday boy:
And here is the suddenly shy SDaughter: She came over wearing a really nice scarf, perfectly tied, and then decided that it looked better up on her head, with the long tails hanging down. It reminded me of the hippie years in the '60's where girls would tie scarves the same way, and leave the house like that!

Can you appreciate that the cake knife is upside down here?
The paternal SGrandmother of my kids (mother of the birthday boy-is it coming together for you now?) taught us that it is an Irish tradition that the cake is cut by the birthday person with the knife upside down to keep the good luck from falling away-apparently the good luck comes from the sharp edge of the knife. And then, the birthday person DOES NOT PULL THE KNIFE OUT. The person in the room with the next birthday pulls the knife from the cake. It is a fun tradition, no matter if it carries any weight in the good luck world.

SSIL, wife of Poppy, did a wonderful job of making and bringing lunch here.
Everyone enjoyed a nice meal, and all I had to do was sit there and smile-how good was that? I can do that.

SSIGO of SD went the extra mile and came here after playing indoor football playoff game, I am sure he was sore and tired, but he came here anyway. Made good points-there and here.

After all the food was put away, SCat was allowed to join the party from her forced internment in SS's room-she has horrible table manners-she thinks it is OK to jump on the table and eat!

And a time warp here, I asked SS to play one of our Country CD's because his father likes Country music. He choose the best of Glenn Campbell CD, and SD was sure she never heard of him! Now, she is only a baby-32 and 8/12's, but still, not heard of Glenn Campbell? I think she was just pretending, so she could solidify her position as one of the youngest in the room. Been there, done that.
Nice to get together with family.

Nice to be a family, blended to perfection!

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