Saturday, January 29, 2011

Proof is in the stiches.

Remember I was telling you a few posts back about the pillowcases that my SGViviani stitched when I was a child? I mentioned about my limited skill in stitching, specifically that I was sewing-challenged.

I am not about to disprove my opinion, just show you some things that I made WITH A NEEDLE AND THREAD!

This is a crewel embroidery piece that I did for Matka in 1975.

It was the second time I did crewel embroidery, a big project of course. She kindly had it in her many kitchens since then (I guesstimate 6 kitchens). Last June when she moved into her assisted living apartment, there just were not enough walls to put all her wall hangings up. She did not want it in storage, asked me to take it and made me promise to hang it up. I said OK, but did not commit to a time frame. She asked me about a month later where it was and I said on my side porch, and she told me that she did not want me to get rid of it.
You know, when we were kids, and did not like something that she did to decorate the house, she always said "When you get your own house you can do what you want, this is my house". PERIOD. So OK, so now I have this large piece, and I am keeping my word. It is not something that I would have done for me, but I thought it was something she would like and she did-or she did the Mom thing and she pretended that she liked it.
And now it is in my kitchen. I am officially giving my SDaughter permission to pass it on to some organization in the future.....
And, to further illustrate my sewing attempts, here is a dress I made when SSon was a little sweetie-his first Christmas, can you appreciate that I also made a matching thing to go around my neck-all the rage in 1971, I swear.

And this picture also shows my real hair color as described to you recently-nasty brown and wavy-kinda a Bill Haley and the Comet look I think. (If you remember him, you remember those cloth neck bands-don't try to pretend now).
I will not be posting any more bragging about my sewing forays-this will have to do to convince you that I am not entering any items into the Erie County Fair sewing exhibits this summer.

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