Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas, That's a Wrap.

Here is my dear, SHusband, my Angel indeed!
I promise this will be my last Christmas post, but I just wanted to show you a few pictures. Unfortunately, this was an extremely difficult time to "get through" for the first Christmas without Matka. I do not know how the next missing-her-event will be, but, this was a big challenge, and there are no passing or failing marks, we each do what we can, in whatever why we can.

As I was looking through my Christmas 2010 folder, I see that I did not take as many pictures as usual. I apologize for not taking pictures of some wonderful get-togethers with cherished family and friends, and I did not record every single thing that happened, or photos of some wonderful, thoughtful gifts which we received, please forgive me if a photo of your present to us is not here, but this will give you some idea eh?

So listen, This is the most unique Christmas Present. My SFriend received it from her friend. The outside is felted-which I think means made of yarn-like knitted, then washed so that the yarn puckers up. Remember how wool items turned out by mistake when you put them in the washer-well, this was done on purpose, and isn't it a lovely purse? Then, you open it up:

And this is why it is unique! It is lined with the top part of a pair of jeans!!!
SS#1, don't you love this creativity?
Pockets and zippers all work. Don't you love it?

Did I already post this? This is the K ladies lunch bunch. We are a very diverse group in all ways, and just as close as you can get. We have lunch about once a month, and this month we are attending a talk about Angels at the Shriners
Building after we have lunch. The pretty lady in the center-back row received the purse gift.
This is SDaughter and her first cousin once removed! SSister#1's SGranddaughter-she has lovely red hair just like her Grandma.

This is the same sweetie pie with SHusband. And that folks is where I stopped taking pictures that day????

Below is SSon receiving his big gift from his 4 parents-a new Sabres AUTHENTIC Jersey, with his SSister sitting to the right in the picture and her SSig-Other on the left.

Really, SH is not asleep-I just took it at the wrong time. He is holding his present from SS and SD and her family. It is an official copy of the ship's manifest from when his father came over from Germany. It was purchased from the Ellis Island website.

This is a hat that SGrandson bought for his Poppy, we all loved it! The hair in the hat is the best part.

This is SGS opening a Bakugan thingy that was on his list and that I was lucky enough to find/buy in early November.

This is SS's exchange present from a fun game that we play-it was three containers of CHEESE balls, wrapped together, that looked like some big tube of whatever-they were a hot item to fight for.

This is a beautiful bracelet that SSon bought me, with the help of his personal shopper: SS#1, who takes him for shopping and lunch EVERY YEAR TO THE GALLERIA MALL! And coffee and ICE CREAM! What a pair they are.

Since I hate mall shopping or looking or lurking, he was blessed to have her in his life-for many reasons.

This is Christmas Morning, gift opening for SS. Notice his stocking? I put an orange in every year, just like Matka did for us-when we were kids and oranges were priced like gold!

One of his Christmas list items that he really wanted, "Forty Years of Buffalo Sabres". Boo Boo Marie the SCat sulking in the background on the couch-no present for her and the birds are not out there eating.(*(&*&, bah meowhumbug!

He loves his funny drawers!

So, in prep for him receiving this warm Sabres hat, I explained to him that the warm hats are now made out of special yarn so that they are not itchy in the inside-his big objection to warm hats. We shall see if I ever see him in it.
Here is is just chillin' on Christmas morn.

This is a Christmas reading from SAunt last year-I hope if you click on it that it becomes readable-it is very nice.Can you see what appeared during the New Year's Meltdown that we had? Look carefully now-there is a wee small pumpkin stem peaking out of the snow. It is from one of two that did not get thrown into our woods across the street for the little creatures to eat. It is there now, thanks to SS and a shovel, but in the form of pumpkin soup.

This is another Christmas reading that I like-was this also from you SA?SS delivering our Christmas gift for our Church's collection-we bought for a 10 year old girl, and I loved every minute of it. PINK! PINK! PURPLE! PURPLE!!

SS#1 gave me this on Thanksgiving Day-because she knows how soon I pack it all away, this way I would have it around for a time. It is a beautiful Father Christmas compote (is that correct?) I had some Christmas Ball decorations covered with feathers and I thought the contrast in texture would be nice. It also held our cards. And we received so many beautiful photo-cards from family and friends-thank you all. They mean a lot to me.
This is in homage to SH's love of penguins, and we received two for SSIL (aka Grandma Ellie)

This was made by SD in Girl Scouts-egg cartoons stapled together, a little red sparkly glued in the center of each section, and green stuff stapled all around. It would not be Christmas if I did not have this up, along with a Santa mobile that you can see in the first picture of this blog-hanging on a lamp behind SH. It was made by SS in Kindergarten. And these two items mean so much to me.

So, there it is a last look at Christmas for us.
Now, on to today, I wish you all a Happy, Blessed New Year with good health and good family and friends. What more is there?

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