Monday, January 10, 2011

So what? You say?

In today's paper, it was announced that a law was passed to change the gender wording for the passport application regarding children. The terms "Mother and Father" will no longer be listed on the application, instead "Parent #1 and Parent #2" blanks are presented. So what you say, this doesn't affect me, well maybe that is true, but it does affect so many and if this new law eases the pain and discomfort of the parents and the child from trying to fit into someone else's idea of a family, I am all for it!
I did not come from a "typical family". My working mother raised all 5 of us alone-and while that seems to be the norm today, in the 50's and 60's it was not done. The nuclear family then was dad, mom, kids. Period. If you did not have a father in the home, you were automatically thought of as "less". There were a few of us "abnormal families" living in the same area-a subsidized housing complex called "the projects". Any time there was a situation with any child in one of these families, it was conveyed to the kids that "what do you expect-look at the home- without a father?". I felt that in school, in the neighborhood and unfortunately, most strongly at church. Lowered expectations were the offerings for us because of our nonconformity to what others felt was right. Like, did we have a choice? The few times he was there, his alcoholism always caused new fodder for those witnessing it-and it became our sin to carry by association. Better when he wasn't there.
So, I say, "So what" if there is not a father or mother's name to write on a passport application, so what if there is no father or mother in the house. What needs to be in the house is LOVE, anyway that it is accomplished.

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