Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Anniversary present

I mentioned that today was our 174th Anniversary. We celebrate every month together as a gift. Today, the crock pot is full of a new and hopefully good concoction of chicken cacciatore, Lee Ann Rimes is singing for us "How do I breeeeeeeeeathe without you?", and we are blessed with each other.

And because we are snowed in today, we were watching the cornucopia of birds at our feeders. I queried, what is that bird with the red spot on forehead? It looks like a little sparrow. SHusband looked out, and said we have a lot of sparrows, watched for a few minutes and got very excited, we have a Redpoll, we have a Redpoll he said. I said unh?

Well, out came the books,

now that he saw it, and identified it (he said positive identification because he is very precise in his speech) it was a big deal. And the ornithology class began. Apparently, this is a circumboreal species-forested area around Arctic circle bird, and it winters as far south as Texas, but it is very irregular in the continental United States and even in the North East where we are located. All the big words are from him, not me. They are a small, streaked gray-brown finch. Male is pink chested, pink cap, black chin around it's yellow beak.

Female has less color.

Peterson Field Guide is one of the many nature references we have. OK, so I only have a few, but as a couple (and isn't that what anniversaries are all about?), we have a whole bunch or a plethora as it were.

We also saw our usual friends, cardinals with their royal tufts-here on my magnolia bush.

white throated sparrows, Maybe it is their anniversary today too, and they are sitting in SGrandson's tree watching us?
All were her, chickadees, yellow gold finch, tyrannosaurus Rex-just kidding, just checking to see if I lost you.
Here is a picture of snow angels-made by birds-work with me here please.
And my present? The gift of today of course.

Hope every day is a special one for you and those you love.

And p.s. SDaughter is substitute teaching today-hip, hip, hooray! The dream continues.

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