Friday, December 31, 2010

Sabres, Starbucks and Sucky art

Today SSon and I went to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo to see a special exhibit celebrating 40 years of the Buffalo Sabres Hockey Team.

It was mostly large photos from the beginning of the team to current players. He loved it. They had one room called 360 (meaning degrees). They had placed small cameras on the player's helmets to record the action on the ice during a game. They then showed these -multiple at times-videos on a very large screen with full audio. Holy earmuffs batman, it was loud and the players moved so fast, it was like a carnival ride. I kinda side-stepped out, and proud I was that I did not barf!
Here he is watching it.
The gallery got a lot of bad press in the past few years when people like me did not approve of the direction that they are taking the museum-modern art (note lack of capital in art-you can tell I think it is mis-categorized) was being more spotlighted, with masters put into cold storage-or heaven forbid-sold!.

They have a very large open stairwell there, and in the past few months, they "installed" a work that entailed scribbles in circles done by many people according to a master plan by the artist-in a variety of densities, so some areas were dark and some showed the wall through. Are you kidding me?
Here is the start of the stairwell, and then a close-up so you can get a good view and make up your own mind.

Out front of the gallery, they also have a cheese curl looking thing-about 4' tall by 10' long. Yep, right in front of the art gallery-just to give you a little taste (pun intended) of what awaits you inside.
The only big variety of what I call classical ART was for sale in the form of note cards in the gift shop-how sad.

I know, I know, everyone has their own taste in Art, but this is my blog, so you get to hear my opinion-right or wrong.
When we were done there, we drove through Delaware Park, some lovely statues are placed there-including a replica of the famous statue of David-here is a photo of another replica of that statue-I took this picture in Florence, Italy, where there are many versions of "David" Statues.

We next stopped at Starbucks. I knew there would be a long line at the Delta Sonic car wash, but wanted to go anyway, so this bribe was just to keep SS from getting antsy. A little bit of a peppermint mocha coffee goes a long way for appeasing him. Here he is in his new Sabres hat.

When we got home, he did a little shoveling to clean-up the driveway (probably caffeine fueled), and then RODE HIS BIKE!.

Yep, it was 51 degrees,
and how often can he ride his bike on New Years Eve in Western New York?
Later, we went out for supper. We are so wild with our NY's Eve Soiree, I had salad and mac'n cheese, SHusband had soup and half of my salad and a big glob of my mac and cheese and SS had a fish fry. We do not take him often for a fish fry, not even every month-that meal has the lovely name of "Heart Attack on a plate", and for good reason, probably the most unhealthy meal in WNY.
Tonight, for some reason, I thought I wanted to wash my kitchen floor, so I did-I had changed the sheets and cleaned the bathroom today-I must have a "Clean-start" for the New Year mindset?

My mentor said recently that 2010 was shi**y. I agree, and I hope we all have a Blessed, healthy 2011. I am going to really try.

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