Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Today, I was driving down Transit Road, which is a major north-south road in Western New York. Every few feet there is another store driveway and another stop and start driving experience. As traffic stopped, I stopped, and happened to look over to my left-a woman in her late seventies-or looking like she was-all made up, nice hairdo, nice vehicle, clearly mouthed the words " F--- You" at me, and slammed her hands down on her steering wheel. She then zoomed-off in her car. Apparently, she wanted to turn into the driveway that I happened to be blocking the front half of. When I go to this store, I never try to get in via that driveway-oncoming traffic is just too fierce. I choose to instead make a left turn with the arrow on the block previous and go in the back entrance. There is usually not a place to stop on this road that is not partially in a driveway. If I would have seen her, and that she was waiting to turn in, I would have as usual, if able, left her room to turn, but that is not the case always.
I am not a shrinking violet, I have been known to be very worldly/wordy, and familiar with swear words in a couple of languages, using them sometimes at traffic, not at people. But REALLY, I would not have done that, and I was surprised that she did. I took it as personal attack, and really, newly more thin-skinned as I am now, I was upset by it. All I could think of is my gosh, she is so full of rage, and at her age, shouldn't she have sorted out which are the right times to vomit out things like that? I know I have, and I am probably 10 years younger. And then I thought what it must be like to live with someone like that, and what a risk she plays with working herself up to that level at a missed driving desire. I wondered what is going on in her life that she was so on the edge of her emotions, manifesting itself in inappropriate behavior. I actually said a prayer for her because the last thing that should happen is for her to have a stroke over something so inconsequential. Life is short.

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