Monday, December 13, 2010

The kindness of strangers...

Last night, I was driving SSon home from the WINNING Buffalo Bills football game, in the dark, traveling on one of the side roads in my small town. A driver coming towards me was flashing his bright headlights, and since I just turned mine off, I assumed that was the reason he was "flashing". Then I saw him repeat the flash, and the reason was:
art: WINTER VISITORS by D.R. Laird

As this painting shows, deer travel in herds, see one, most times more will follow, and this could have been painted right in my town-the deer love living here side-by-side with us.

A herd of about 6 deer crossed the road just in front of me. Apparently he could see them, and wanted me to be sure to see them. I slowed down, let them go on their way, and all was well-for man and beast, because of the kindness of strangers. I flashed him back after they crossed safely as a way to say thank you. Has a stranger showed you kindness today?

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