Thursday, December 23, 2010

Puffy Eggnog Pancake

Puffy what?

Well, Do you know that I love to read recipes? I read cookbooks like a novel sometimes-no intent on making all the recipes, just find the ingredient mixtures interesting.

In the paper this week was an article about brunch recipes, and I saw this one:

Tonight, because we only have EGGNOG in the 'fridge during the Christmas Season-I made this for supper. In my mind, EGGNOG is (say it with me: three words) DIS-GUS-TING. SSon loves it. And I know, it is against some peoples religion and or political affiliation to eat breakfast food at supper-but not us!

The recipe turned out really well, and I only changed it a smidge-I sprinkled cinnamon on it before baking, and as soon as I sprinkled, I realized that it should have been nutmeg-isn't that what they put in EGGNOG when they drink it? Too late.

It turned out very nice-puffed as advertised. See:
Blurriness caused by me being in such a garl-darned hurry to take a picture before it collapsed!

I served it with fresh pineapple that I just cut and sliced bananas (we call them baanoonskees-I know weird is our strong suit). SS also had some yogurt for supper, I think that on the side with the fruit piled on top would have been nice on each plate also-next time.

SHusband and SS loved them, the sure sign is when the empty pan is scraped with a spoon and a spatula for every last crumb.

I myself, do not like eggs, when I made the recipe-I put all the other stuff in the blender first to hide the eggs as they slithered down into the blender. And I do this while I unfocus my eyes, you know, slightly crossing them so that they do not see sharply.

I was OK with eating this too-even though it has a strong egg taste-UNTIL. Well, until we were playing our usual game of "name 5 ingredients that I used in this dish". The guys seen to enjoy this game, and I get some very creative answers. There were only 5 ingredients if you don't count my "gilding-the-lily" cinnamon. And when I started to think about all those eggs while I was chewing a piece, I did a little gagging thing, and that was it-could not swallow. The thrill is gone for this dish for me, but I know it will be enjoyed by others whenever I make it. I think you could use some regular milk and vanilla flavoring if you don't have eggnog, and I think you could also use that slimey egg substitute stuff also. I would spray the pan the next time though, stuck a bit I thought.

So, there it is, a new recipe from the paper to me to you. Hope you like it.

And "me for my part"*, if the guys like it, it will be made.

*a phrase that my Grandma V. would use to express her opinion on something, SSister#1 reminded us of that this year, and Matka would laugh when SS#1 said it. Matka loved to laugh, and that is one of my special memories of her today.

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