Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Family Travels

We have had very mild weather here for about a week. No appreciable snow, temps in mid to high 20's-we will take it! Makes traveling better.
Yesterday, we (SHusband, SSon and I) visited SSister#1, SB-I-L#1. What a nice fun time. Her SDaughter and two of her SGrandkids were there and so were my SDaughter and SGrandson. When the boys get together, they talk game-techno talk together, and her SGD stayed upstairs with us. She is 10 and so funny, I am sure she gets it from her Mom. SD got to visit with her cousin, and that is always nice. Great visit for all of us, we loaded up the car with cookies to go home, took SGS with us, and I managed to back out of their driveway without running over their reflector stake-this time.

Last night was just a quiet night with SGS, he playing with his bakugan, and fell asleep in minutes.

Today, SS, SGS and I went to see
"Gulliver's Travels" at the movies. SH stayed home for some R&R.
I am amazed at the cost of a matinee ticket $7.00! When I see a family of 6 walking in, with popcorn in each of their hands. that comes to over $50.-for a 90 minute movie. Wow, that hurts.

Before the movie, we had gone to get SGS's glasses adjusted, SS got a Starbucks, and both guys had haircuts, I was worried that my quest for efficiency would be uncomfortable for them with itchy hair on their neck during the show-but they both were fine-they must have done a good job with that piece of stuff they put around your neck to trap the hair from going down their necks. I have had the misfortune of taking them places before when that was not the case, and jeez, they had ants in their pants the whole time until they got a shower to get the dreaded itch-maker hair OFF!

After a great time with Mr. Gulliver (which by the way was set in modern times, and enjoyable for all the inside jokes that the adults would appreciate and the great song "WAR, what is it good for!" from 1970 at the end, by Edwin Starr) we went for something to eat.

In memory of Matka, we went to Pizza Hut for Lupper (lunch and supper or would it be Sunch?). Last year for Christmas, she gave her grandchildren a Pizza Hut Gift card for Christmas, so they could take her beloved great-grandkids there. So, starting this year, this is my new tradition to remind me of her generosity and love for her family.

Tomorrow we will have Christmas Breakfast with SH's SSister, SB-I-L and our two SCousins. SS is already asking if we can stop for coffee on the way-no he is not addicted, just a slight problem. I gave him the look, and he laughed.

I made some granola bars for tomorrow, and the smell is wonderful-honey is the base for the bar, and when it is heated it just slides through the house, it even overpowers the smell of Fancy Fest which I just gave to Boo Boo Marie-she gets only 1/2 tsp per day per Vet's orders.

I hope you are able to visit those you love, even if it is on the phone, via e-mail or on FaceBook!

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