Sunday, February 14, 2010


Presents for SHusband:

The heart at top is for hanging outside, it changes shape as it twirls, the CD is classical music with sounds of rain storms mixed in, and some of his favorite candybars. See the musical envelope? "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers, and it is very loud. When I was putting in the card last night, I had to run (OK, walk faster) into the bedroom, cover it partially with a pillow so SH wouldn't hear.
And for SSon:

Did you see the Chocolate Cheerios? He loves his Chocolate, so this is hopefully an everyday treat that is not too bad for him.

We three then did breakfast with SCousins, then dropped off SSon and went to see "Valentine's Day"-the movie. Nice little stories, some surprises at the end, and smuggled in Tim Hortons cookies and Peach Passion Drink for SHusband. We went to local theatre, new owners, nicely cleaned-up now, but, OMG, it is so cold in there. I mean I had to buy a very expensive small cup of coffee to stop the shivering.
I did have a pleasant surprise. Two young women, maybe late teens sat right behind us. They were chattering away before the movie started, and I am like most women-I multitask, talking with SHusband, and using one ear on them. I was concerned that they would start using horrible swear words in a very loud voice like so many other times we have been in this situation. BUT, nice talk, and they stopped as soon as the movie started-good for them, but bad for me, I should not eavesdrop-my bad habit. Hey, it is still February-"I can not tell a lie" factor. See kitchen floor post set to appear tomorrow.
Thanks for the Valentine's Date Movie SHoney.
We finished our heart day with hearty soup-veggie chili which I made a few days ago, -and washed it down with m&m premiums-a gift from SC today.

Here are some of our Valentine's Day decorations, all filled with best Valentine's wishes from me to you-catch them as they fly off the screen to you!

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