Friday, February 5, 2010


So listen, tomorrow is SSon's 39th. birthday, I am cooking and cleaning, but just a quick post.

Here is a Birthday Banner that I have been hanging up since the SKids were small-it is not a Birthday unless that Banner is hanging, and a few years ago, SDaughter bought one just like it for her house. It was very sweet to see her carry on that tradition. You never know what is important when you are in the moment, but then, years later you can see the results. Like a at Christmas when SD sets a very special, fancy table and makes it a special time.

SS was born on a Saturday, which tomorrow is also, so I told him if he feels like moving and twisting, it is just his body remembering his journey to be born. He looked at me and said "OK?". So, alright, I thought it was a neat thing to say, and it bombed-live and learn.

These are flowers that I bought, just because. Maybe if SS's SBirthmother still lived in the area, I would have given them to her. A cyber thank-you will have to do.

SGrandson's picture from when he was a baby is on the right-this is one of my favorites. Picture from Florence, Italy of SMe and SSister #1 is on the left, and little bowls that I have ready for tomorrow are in the bottom of the picture. I found them at the DOLLAR TREE store, yep, $1.00 each, and when I was washing them and taking off the label-there on the bottom is the IKEA stamp-and I paid next to nothing for them! Sweet! Did I tell you that previously? Sorry, I am still excited to find that bargain.

Goodbye for now, time to "Carry On" as one of my favorite people- Tim Gunn from Project Runway always says.


Margaret Hall said...

Well, Happy Pre-Birthday to SSon's 39th~!!!
Have a wonderful day, and a wonderful weekend!
'Tis Super Bowl weekend, and I will be out and about til Monday...
Thanks for the hospitality....

Time for a Bucket List!

Diet is a four-lettered word!




sally said...

Margaret, I wil pass on the wishes to SSon.
Loving your blogs, thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the Super Bowl-who you for?