Sunday, February 7, 2010

Frozen Lake Erie

This is a very interesting satellite picture of Lake Erie, and it's frozen areas, taken 3 days ago when there were no clouds. The Bluish area is open water, and the rest of the lake has various degrees of ice. They say that this open area will cut down the effects of what is called LES: LAKE EFFECT SNOW. In layman's terms: "Yikes, this snow is never gonna end". The upper right corner is where Buffalo New York is located. That area is the largest BIG city to us. We live about 25 miles East and slightly south of Buffalo. Ice fishing is popular in the area, with some yo-yos getting stuck on Lake Erie in the spring as a piece of ice breaks away from the mass. Then rescue squads need to come get them before they float up the Niagara River to you know what! NIAGARA FALLS!

So listen, once, I saw a comic routine, whenever a character heard the words "NIAGARA FALLS", he flipped out, turned around and said "NIAGARA FALLS, SLOOOOOWLY I TURNED, STEP BY STEP, INCH BY INCH....." and then he starts beating up whomever is closest to him. WIKI says this is a famous routine from Vaudeville Days, and also done by the Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello and The LUCY show. I can remember doing this routine with coworkers loooong ago, or just muttering "NIAGARA FALLS", and we would all breakup. Laughing is good, try it, you'll like it.

This is SHusband and SGrandson in 2000. Just two buddies laughing together.


Margaret Hall said...

Simply a BEAUTIFUL picture of happiness and laughter~!! Thanks for sharing with us, and thanks for the overview of the lake....

sally said...

Margaret, that is one of my favorites.