Friday, February 26, 2010

A Cheery Good Morning

When we opened our drapes this morning, we saw that many SBirdees were feeding, including this fellow-Mr. Cardinal.

We very rarely get Cardinals at our feeders, they usually are ground feeders, but the snow has been coming steadily lately, so any seed on the ground has been quickly covered over. This means, if you wanna eat-you gotta go to the source. The woods across the street must be all out of the usual things that the birds eat, so they have increased their bird feeder rounds. I made sure the feeders were filled two days ago when they first started calling for us to get some snow from the latest East Coast storm. And they show they are appreciative by taking us up on the vittles we put there. Some unfortunately are a tad nasty, you can here them saying "hey, get outa my way you little creep, this is my territory" or "wait, wait, stop pecking at me, let me just geta few seeds and I'll be outa here". We enjoy them, they are fed when they need it-win, win.

I hope you see pleasant things when you open your drapes. P.S. sometimes we need to look really hard, but there is always something worth looking at that would give us pleasure. Life is what you invest in it.

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