Friday, February 5, 2010


So there I was, mopping the last 2 square feet of the kitchen floor-which would mark the end of the kitchen cleaning. I had kd Lang "LIVE by request" on the CD player, mentally planning my next few jobs to be done, and splash-the mop handle snagged the bucket handle, pulled it over and since this is a ginormous size pail to accommodate a large sized mop thingy that I use when I do my hardwoods sometimes, it was a looooot of water, and where did it go? Well, I was standing in front of the fridge and stove, yes, UNDER the appliances. (*(^&^^$%$%^$&^*!
So, I grabbed a bunch of towels, pulled out the taller than me and huge side-by-side fridge-freezer and the stove and starting to blot for all I was worth. And since those same appliances were pulled out a mere 5 days ago to clean under them, there I was mopping up dirty water from a sparkling clean floor. What's the chance of that ever happening?
When the worst of the cleanup was finished, I called SSon on the intercom and he was able to push the appliances back for me. My adrenalin rush when it first happened was over, and I could not push them back for nothing! And of course the entire floor had to be rewashed because all the traffic during the cleanup process trashed my before-this clean, finished floors.
Thanks for listening friends, I feel better already, and the floor is dry!

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