Saturday, February 27, 2010

Step away from the artwork.

I know, I know, you CAN buy too many pieces of artwork, prints, paintings, etc. But listen, it is a picture of the Tuscany area, and I was there, and I loved it, and it represents such a moment in time that was magical for me. A kid from the projects on a tour of Italy with her big, dear SSister#1. We were not challenged to dream as a kid, the schools only wanted these kids to move up and out. And until SS#1 started mentioned a trip, it never occurred to me that I would even put that in my "What if" file, let alone, choose the "Let's go for it" command.

So, please bear with me if I now love everything Italian, and so here it is. Brand spankin' new on my wall:

AAAh, that feels good.


Margaret Hall said...

Beautiful picture~!! You deserve to have what makes you comfortable upon your art wall..

sally said...

Thanks for the positive feedback Margaret-I just need a few more walls now!