Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our little Priscilla

Hi all, here she is in all her glory! I have moved her away from the direct sun as the directions say, and have tried her in various parts of the house, trying to avoid her being in the path of the heat vents also. She was kind enough to be open and not die by today's birthday dinner for SSon.

Since I have redish in my living room now, it would be nice to have it there, but no place keeps her out of the heat path, so over here near me is her place for now.

In this picture, you also see a nice print of two people walking and holding hands-it is so lovely-SHusband gave it to me-lucky me, he likes to hold hands.

There is also a picture on the right of SH's SMom. I never met her, but she has two lovely, kind children, so I know she was also a sweetheart. In the left side of the picture is a grouping of pictures of the Man of the Day-SS. He is of course wearing his Buffalo Sabres shirt-so him!

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Margaret Hall said...

Priscilla is GORGEOUS!