Saturday, February 13, 2010


Below is a translated version of the proposal that my SHusbands SFather sent to SH's SMother in 1927:

My Dearest Love, After a whole working day-everything went smooth and nice and so I want to share an hour with you.
I have a desire to talk with you from my heart to tell you what's on my heart in writing.
I left something there (in Germany), my footsteps, my dreams, my future, and I am like a ghost forever.
I never have felt like this before, I feel like a lost bird. I am a handsome boy and I am not a bad man, you be the judge.
If you say I am not worthy, or you think I am wearing a mask you should make the decision before it is too late.
Don't judge me from the outside, look to the inside full of love.
If we understand each other, it is like unity. It is so nice to share with someone you love. To share the work.
My dearest Emma, from the first time we met, it's like a blossoming flower on bright sunny days and nights that we were not together are lost.
True love no one can take apart.
My, love, I put in a cup on scales.
My love is so strong, that when you put something in the cup it will bubble before it goes down.
I beg you always, keep in mind that every day I have I want to brighten your days so that every day will be like spring.
I love your graciousness, your love, your strength and that is what keeps me going each day.
This is true love. I want these golden years to live forever. I am asking for your hand. This is the last word. Give me your love and this world is mine.
I am waiting for your quick answer.
I am leaving you with genuine love,
Yours, Anton

This is their engagement picture, taken in Germany, when he went back to pick up his betrothed. They married in the same Church which we were Married in and now attend, and lived all their Married lives in the same house which we now live in.

SH is also very romantic,and able to express it, sending me cards that are as special to me as this letter.

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